Live stream Saturday, interviewing Nottuh re: Propertarianism, some questions

It’ll be 7 PM EST again, and this time I’ve made better plans so that I won’t have to cancel at the last second.

I’ve put together a list of the most difficult questions I can think of for Propertarians to answer, based on what little I know about it. If you want to ask something, do it here or log into the YouTube chat on the day of.

1. No society has ever survived three generations of secularism. What is the purpose of designing a secular political science?

2. Propertarianism is autistic in its truthful orientation, and can therefore never be a popular movement. Does it need to be popular in order to achieve its own definition of “success”?

3. How do Propertarians deal with the concept of “noble lies”? E.g. The conception that we’re surrounded by people with at least a modicum of moral courage is a useful fiction, and necessary to conduct trade such that an industrialized military may be organized for the national defense. But in reality, 999 people in 1,000 are absolute moral cowards whose beliefs are defined by what made them feel safe before the age of 25, and whose real convictions are defined entirely by cultural/peer pressure.

4. According to 4GW theory, we live in an age when propaganda has greater salience for intergroup violence than conventional weapons. Do Propertarians endorse the use of propaganda? Do they use it themselves? Do they have rules of engagement for the use of lies, deception, misrepresentation, selective honesty (aka half truths, deceitful honesty), etc. in states of cooperation, conflict, and noncooperation?

5. Is there a positive case for hierarchy? I noted the assertion that hierarchy can be mutually beneficial, but it was stated without proof.

6. Is there a place for women in Propertarianism, or is it merely imposed on them by people with “extreme male brains”? To put it bluntly, are they merely property?

7. Do all of Propertarianism’s positive assertions have an empirical paper trail or are some of them based on classical economic theories? For example, I find it hard to believe that behavioral economics could ever empirically support the statement that “If costs of being in a group exceed the benefits, an individual will not join a group.” It appears to be assumed as an axiom.

8. Are there any examples of Propertarianism being successfully integrated with positive moralizing (e.g. “piety is good, self-sacrificial heroism is good”)? What historical groups and societies can serve as templates? How large were they and how long did they last?

9. The underlying value system appears to be utilitarianism. Is this true? If not, why not? If so, then how do Propertarians avoid the logical and empirically observable conclusion that true believers in utilitarianism prefer death to life?

10. A major failing of libertarianism is taking a laissez faire attitude to non-harmful degeneracy. Haidt’s example is a man who, prior to eating his chicken dinner, has sex with it. Conservatives simply rely on motivated reasoning here, where libertarians excuse the behavior as none of their business. Would Propertarians censure this act, and if so why?

11. What is the philosophical or theological justification for elevating truth to the pre-eminent value? Evolutionary psychology would suggest truth is not even particularly useful, since our brains aren’t adapted to prefer it and higher intelligence is associated with deceiving oneself and others more often.

12. I take a very cynical view of politics-as-sociobiology. I believe that the purpose of politics is to engage in group competition under the deceitful guise of cooperation, where the war is fought by reshaping the sociocultural environment such that it favors the reproductive fitness of one’s phenotype as calculated by Hamilton’s rule for kinship selection. I therefore believe Curt Doolittle and company are attempting to reshape the sociocultural environment such that it favors masculine-brained people who would reproduce more effectively within Propertarianism than our current system of Anarchotyranny (which instead favors superbureaucrats and idiots). Am I wrong?

(Gustav, I’ll answer your old superchat question on what can be salvaged from libertarianism during this stream.)

Also, feel free to help Nottuh out, since these are very hard questions.

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12 Responses to Live stream Saturday, interviewing Nottuh re: Propertarianism, some questions

  1. another handle says:

    Come on man, they are fighting the last war. 4G was a war on the emotions/spirit/feelz; which trump the intellect. Propaganda is only good for demoralizing the opponents troops now.

    The new 5G battlefield is tribal/identity. Its why they want people to be able to shape shift and change what they identify as.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      That’s a pretty naive view of information asymmetry.

      • another handle says:

        Information symmetry…o_0…I thought we were all in agreement that Joe Q Public and teh normies were not swayed by logic and facts? The MSM is only a source of myths and fantasies that shape the sape emoticons.

        The 3G information battle front was arguably overrun when the left took over the universities and media. Heck, research papers no longer have any information.

        The only grayish white pill in the whole lot is that you don’t have to fight 3G, let alone 4G when you have pulverized the enemy’s battle formations with 2G steel on target.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          >Information symmetry…o_0…I thought we were all in agreement that Joe Q Public and teh normies were not swayed by logic and facts?

          Those are not the only kind of information, or even, in my opinion, the most important kind of information.

  2. Heaviside says:

    Who still supports that crap?

  3. MM says:

    What a waste of everyone’s fucking time.

  4. Gustav Bjork says:

    Try to get Boneflour on this one. His magic touch transmutes autism into entertainment.

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