Major and minor disciplines in triathlon

You see a lot of different things described as “the fourth discipline” in triathlon, so I’ve just grouped all these in my head as minor (or “helper”) disciplines.

  • Major disciplines
    • Swimming
    • Cycling
    • Running
  • Minor disciplines (aka “fourth” disciplines, “helper” disciplines)
    • Motivation
      • Positive: goal-setting, daily reminders, visualization, etc.
      • Anti-negative: resilience
    • Nutrition and hydration (ref Matt Dixon)
      • After workout
      • During workout
      • Race planning
      • Daily life
        • Before bed (my addition)
    • Recovery
      • Sleep (I almost made this its own minor discipline)
      • Accelerated recovery techniques
      • Not being stupid
    • Transitions
    • Project management
      • Planning
      • Time management
      • Organization (gear, checklists, training plan accountability)
      • Smart spending
    • Understanding
      • Journaling – both the training journal itself and checking in with your thoughts and feelings more broadly
      • Continuing education (re: triathlon training specifically)
    • Strength training
    • Community
      • Coach-trainee relationship building
      • Training with others
      • Friends and family (good relationships are essential to good health, and therefore athletic performance!)
    • Equipment: researching, buying, learning, integrating into training plan, maintaining

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3 Responses to Major and minor disciplines in triathlon

  1. Supplemental Advice for the Next Generation of Triathletes says:

    >Accelerated recovery techniques

    You should look into astaxanthin supplementation. You’ll become less sore after intense exercise, and your recovery time will be cut in half. That advice is worth $5, but I’m giving it to you for free because I’m a nice guy.

    Sources: Trust me; I know what I’m talking about.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      MM came up with my supplements stack, so I may run that by him sometime. Like Covid, supplements are a sperg rabbithole I avoid on purpose.

      • MM says:

        Wild caught salmon roe
        (the ultimate superfood because loads phospholipid bound dha + astaxanthin + epa)

        More practically, its in krill oil and I now see that in most normal stores.

        Krill is superior to supplemental fish oil, as more of the dha is phospholipid bound (some people can ONLY absorb this form, and its more bioavailable than any other form in general. Essential for brain function, and nobody eats animal brains anymore because factory farming n shieet so pretty important)

        (for any lurkers, here’s a tactical tism strike):

        The good ol rhonda patrick post laid it out in terms of both gen health and supps:

        Crucial Nutrients:
        D3- 5000 to 10000 IU, or very possibly more. Body naturally makes 20k IU in 30 min of sun exposure naked at mid day, so I think that is perfectly safe but if you don’t have enough vitamin k2 and K4 there is some concerns ala calcification so thats why I say lower. Worth getting this right, up to blood tests if you really want to dial in the right amount, as the proper amount can be changed so much by body fat level, how much you weigh, and your genetic polymorphisms. Thankfully, what matters is the level in the blood if you have the inclination to go past just taking 10k IU and calling it a day.
        **This is by far the most important single supplement you can take if you are genetically and nutritionally normal**
        Magnesium-400 to 500 mg
        Absolutely crucial for proper nerve and enzyme function.
        Malate or glycinate are good ‘no shits’ forms.
        Pro tip: epsom salt (magnsium sulfate) bath.
        Prob the ultimate but you only have time to take as bath so often (and you dont want to boil ur balls. Not kidding- look up sperm count and hot bath taking. Dont get that shit too warm) and some people only have a shower so yeah take the supplement.
        Probiotic- daily with as many bugs as possible (avoiding rabbit hole)
        (you have to be eating fermented foods, veggies, and not alot of sugar to get full benefits)
        Zinc- 30 to 50 mg (or less tbh just make sure its in your multi)
        B vitamins- the more stressed you are the more frequently to take these (You pee them out)
        EPA (Get from a high EPA fish oil. 2 grams a day)
        DHA (Get from krill oil as it has the correct form)
        (if only money for one take krill)

        -probably iodine as well especially if very low energy. Dr Ron’s Sea Vegetables Plus is a good way to ease into taking iodine. If someone is really deficient and takes a full dose you can feel really bad. Iodine is very important for brain development and replaces flouride, so is essential for pregnant and nursing mothers, and certainly anyone concerned with mitigating potential negative cognitive effects of hydrofluosilicic acid in their drinking water. It’s not straight flouride, its much worse and its of course what is actually in your water.)

        Great to Get:
        Quercetin (If you eat enough veggies, you have lots of this)
        Alpha Lipoic Acid (Very good, and chelates mercury! DONT take with protein)
        Turmeric (Piperine from black pepper, and fats increase solubility)
        Resveratrol- The more the better, basically (1000 mg a day causes autophagy!)
        Pterostilbene- Found in blueberries in tiny amounts. 4 times as bioavailable as resveratrol!
        recommended dose is 300 mg a day half in AM, half in PM
        Vitamin E In “Mixed tocopherols” form.

        (of course some of these are much more expensive than others, and some can be gotten through diet

        You can eat a handful of blueberries a day to get some pterostilbene
        (research was done with far more- 300 mg a day- but that may be moolah you dont have)
        You can eat brazil nuts for selenium
        You can eat red onions and kale for Quercitin
        You can make sure your multi has Vitamin E in ‘mixed tocopherols’ form

        Thats most of them right there.

        Turmeric can be cheaply bought.
        N-A-L-C is great if you are depressed and great in general and prob worth whatever the price is. Same thing for ALA.
        NAD+ I’ve heard some insane things about but that’s more for middle aged and older as the body stops making it as much.

        There are loads more esoteric things not mentioned in the OG post I linked but these are the ones that had enough actual evidence back in 2017 or whenever.

        Importantly, all these things are nothing compared to getting the crucial nutrients (esp vitamin d3 and magnesium) and proper diet, exercise, and habits.

        (note to self- I should add all this to RP post)

        On Olive Oil:

        Oh yeah, everybody knows olive oil is good shit but I cant vouch for it enough. And taste wise it is superior to all oils but butter imo. Assuming an actual tuscan extra virgin olive oil here, not a later season oil or normal generic ‘olive oil’ which most are adulturated with walnut oil or something else. Its another damn rabbit hole- unfortunately the best solution is to pay for the highest end oil- organic, extra virgin, tuscan. Should have a significant ‘pepperyness’ to it from all the antioxidants. If this is unpleasant, it should not be a cause for concern as it cooks out (and those antioxidants prevent… well, oxidation… while the oil is cooking. Its prob the best high heat oil there is besides animal fat)

        If ‘no money for that shiet’ then sesame oil is a cheaper pretty healthy oil. Or you can clarify your own butter, very easy to do (cooking tasty food= high temp to brown it= burned butter if not clarified)

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