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Oatmeal plus coffee, kids. It’ll do your intestines good, but keep a book handy.

I’ve previously said that TTs do well to practice “shotgun” experimentation. I’d like to qualify and limit that a bit. TTs should practice shotgun experimentation within the scope of whatever category that they want to improve, and keep everything else constant. Right now, I’m focusing most on my organization system and on formalizing my routines, so I experiment within those categories and otherwise live strictly according to habit and established rules. It’s still a shotgun approach, but without sawing the barrel off.

This has the additional benefit of keeping one’s focus on the category targeted for improvement, without risking deepsock “splitting” as I’ve described elsewhere.

James J. Sylvester, a mathematician, was both uninterested in others’ papers and unable to dependably remember his own. Though I’m less extreme than this, I can understand the urge because I have the impulse to build systems from scratch, and I’m not very good at learning from others. A little autistic that way, so I should read Sylvester for tips and for companionship with a similar mind.

I want to make a habit of rereading my own writing because I have trouble remembering things I’ve already said. And it’s always a very alien experience, like reading something written by a completely different person.

After reading a bunch on Urbit (H/T lflick), I’ve decided that the driving purpose is very close to being a darknet for the sort of nerds who are drawn to that sort of thing. I need a bit more time to grasp the whole business.

I need to combine the idea of a TT language dependent whose abstractions are expressed by motions with the idea from the post “unpronounceable combinations of letters”. I’m opposed to acronyms that cannot be pronounced, preferring abbreviation and portmanteau in general, but I make an exception for glyphs that were never meant to be said aloud. It is therefore no sin if our ASCII characters are expressed by otherwise useless strings as “gt” (greater than) and “lt” (less than), because these are not words.

If we insist upon using shorthands and symbols because we can’t be bothered to express our ideas in clear English, we may as well use convenient ones.

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