Quick addendum to thal social style: male hierarchies

Forgot to mention something a little surprising: thal males are hierarchical (possibly females are too). They apparently don’t favor the same things as sapiens (strength, charisma, good luck or the appearance of good luck, wealth, physical appearance and grooming, wife or girlfriend’s SMV), but they still form loose, deferential hierarchies. Tex has talked about this somewhat (this post came to mind first), but I think we can start to guess at some common traits: general intelligence, intellectual creativity, artisanal skills, physical strength, matter-of-fact communication, sanguine temperament and good humor, personal discipline, happy children, and expressive love for their wives.

(Edited 2018-10-17.)

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4 Responses to Quick addendum to thal social style: male hierarchies

  1. slenkar says:

    I think this is why we feel more comfortable calling our grandpa ‘grandpa’
    We see his experience as something to respect. Although when I was a teenager I was the opposite.

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