On athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot is a recurring problem for me, and has been for as long as I’ve worked on my feet full-time. As such, I’m more or less treating it all of the time.

Here’s what works best: at night, sleep with your socks off and point a fan at your bare feet. Make sure you’re hydrating too, because this will tend to dehydrate the rest of your body. The spray powders and stuff and the store are too expensive and not very useful. At least, not nearly as useful as pointing a fan at your feet overnight. If you’re going that route, use coconut oil (H/T Tex), because it’s cheaper per application, works about as well, and doesn’t get wiped off every time you put on or take off your socks.

In my case, the trick with the fan (alone) disappears most outbreaks of athlete’s foot within a few days. Coconut oil, applied twice per day, requires about a week to make decent ground. Store-bought powders and stuff also take about a week. A combination strategy of coconut oil and the fan works very quickly.

I tried the coconut oil thing by itself because I’m sleeping on a loft bed these days and it’s awkward to stick a big box fan up there with an extension cord.

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1 Response to On athlete’s foot

  1. Craig says:

    Cleanliness is next to godliness.

    If you’re having reoccurring athletes foot I have a few idea’s and suggestions.

    If you share a shower with room mates, once your feet are cleared up buy some thongs(Flipflops you call them) and wear the thongs in the shower so as not to reinfect your feet. Clean the bathroom with a 30% white vinegar solution, as this simple acetic acid mixture is the most efficient/cheapest at killing fungi. I’m a formally trained lab tech so worked in mineral and path.

    Sorry if some of this is suck eggs, wear breathable shoes, use talcum powder to take the moisture away. So keep on keeping your feet dry.

    Urr this might sound strange but it’s for the saps out there, don’t use your mates soap, many saps do this then wonder why they have the same case of the boils…

    If organic coconut oil is working then stick with it. I use it to pull bacteria out of my mouth so it’s a good mouth wash too.

    Do you suffer from dermatitis of the feet? As this condition makes it easier for athletes foot, to reinfect due to all the dead skin. So you may have to moisturise your feet more often. My wife has to do this. Coconut oil… good stuff hey.

    If you really want to nuke it you can go to a cheap chemist you may need a script from a Dr though, the topical lotion Daktarin benzoic acid 2mg/g, butylated hydroxyanisole 52mg/g. That’ll nuke it then just take more preventative measures, usually linked to cleanliness.

    Another more painful method is to nuke is with 100% propyl alcohol. Most do that out bush, I’m lucky again, my feet never suffered from the mank, my socks would have black pads of talc on the soles though. I wasn’t always a medic.

    I always have to say this, go to a Dr for advice. :-)

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