Mathematical Edenism, part 3

A typical r-selected species, such as deer, tend to die off due to either

  1. mass starvation, when their uncontrolled breeding has exceeded the carrying capacity of the environment to feed them, or
  2. mass predation, when their uncontrolled breeding has raised the carrying capacity of their natural predator’s environment.

Therefore, if homo sapiens were a typical r-selected species we would expect their breeding populations to follow either

  1. Malthusian boom-bust cycles
  2. 2019-04-02 18_42_32-Journal - Google Docs

  3. Or predator-prey cycles*
  4. 640px-LotkaVolterra_en

However, modern humans are not typical r-selected species for at least three reasons. The first is that humans engage in mass war when they reach the environment’s carrying capacity, rather than merely starving or being eaten. This introduces a self-culling mechanism which, when the “war” instinct has been triggered, acts more like the discharge of a capacitor in an RC time circuit than a spring equation with constant forcing and resistance.

Capacitor charge and recharge phases

This effect is described in the M0 virus article in the sidebar:

The cycle starts with the population at relatively low dopamine levels, although too high to permit the exploitation of feedback in cognition. They are confused and in their era’s version of poverty. Because of the low dopamine and the presence of a few natural immunes seeing what is in front of their noses and behaving opportunistically, they soon get organised and start to get real and paying, if “humble” jobs. As useful work builds, ritualism builds with it.

The Anatomy, Life Cycle and Effects of the Phenomenologically Distributed Human Parasite M0

Please note here that I emphatically disagree with the authors’ mechanism for M0, which is the suggestion that ritualistic behavior releases dopamine. I strongly believe that the true mechanism is that extrinsically motivated, dopamine-seeking personalities (extraverts) can only be organized for group activities according to explicit procedures with explicit rewards and no surprises (as described in the infographic below).


Indeed, over time these extraverted phenotypes will increasingly demand the political institution of these procedures, as predicted by the first law of Edenic political science, which produces the observed ritualistic behaviors via addiction.

Each roof tile is put on the same way, each palette of bricks is loaded the same way, the bus is caught at the same time every day, the same conversation happens a hundred times a day in the grocery shop. So dopamine levels rise as well as activity and material productivity.

Datapacrat M0 socioeconomic warfare cycle

The Earth is bountiful, and soon an economic surplus develops. By now, the population is suffering high dopamine levels, are seriously unaware of the overall picture of their own actions, and need more and more frequent ritual fixes. So they start to accrete pointless ritualised behaviours that can be performed more frequently than productive rituals such as carrying bricks up ladders. They “regularise” and “administrate” themselves. Throughout the whole human history that M0 culture has been able to retain, people have always moaned about administration, but it is no sick joke. The population soon absorb the entire economic surplus they have generated, swanning around in ever deepening dopamine induced standby mode with ever more pompous “job titles”. When the surplus is exhausted, the dopamine self-addiction has become chronic, and the ritual fixers begin to abandon productive work to concentrate on ritual fixing. Everybody is “in a meeting”, “arguing” around in circles. 

Eventually, the physical wealth in play drops to the point where economic collapse occurs. The apparatus used in ritual fixing disappears, and at the height of their self-absorption and dopamine induced stupidity, the population are plunged into massive dopamine withdrawal and poverty.

Since it provides both ritual and an outlet for aggression, the population now start marching, and destroy the remaining ritual supporting apparatus. The cycle then begins again.


Historical observation suggests that the psychology of this “war” self-culling instinct, which rapidly converts homo sapiens between docile and intra-tribal predator phenotypes, may have nested time constants to produce cycles and supercycles. If we imagine that the DC voltage source can be modeled as the sun shining on a conductor to produce a heat-to-current Peltier effect, then this model could also include William Sidis’ model of violent revolutions.

*The monomyth of man-eating giants suggests that, at some time in the ancestral environment, humans had a natural predator. These mythical predators could have been symbolic, where cannibalism is imagined particularly as the logical conclusion of the more general class of predatory behaviors, or it could have been literal. I believe it was literal, because the contemporary behavior of unmixed homo sapiens in sub-Saharan Africa and Denisovan remnants in oceania suggests the taboo against cannibalism is neanderthal-centric (that is, mostly restricted to Europe and Asia).

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10 Responses to Mathematical Edenism, part 3

  1. bicebicebice says:

    Do you not sort of bypass food limits with cannibalism? There is something about what you said in the podcast about neanderthals gathering but realized they didn’t actually Like each other hence the distance, guess who Likes each other?

    “The indigenous population of Papua New Guinea is one of the most heterogeneous in the world. Papua New Guinea has several thousand separate communities, most with only a few hundred people. Divided by language, customs, and tradition, some of these communities have engaged in endemic warfare with their neighbors for centuries. It is the second most populous nation in Oceania.

    The isolation created by the mountainous terrain is so great that some groups, until recently, were unaware of the existence of neighboring groups only a few kilometers away. The diversity, reflected in a folk saying, “For each village, a different culture”, is perhaps best shown in the local languages. Spoken mainly on the island of New Guinea, about 650 of these Papuan languages have been identified; of these, only 350-450 are related. The remainder of the Papuan languages seem to be totally unrelated either to each other or to the other major groupings. In addition, many languages belonging to Austronesian language group are used in Papua New Guinea, and in total, more than 800 languages are spoken in Papua New Guinea”

    itz almost as if the melonboons built an unironic battle royal from wence they could pool uruk-hais to exterminate some peoples that got uppity. Sapes are extremely sensitive to environment-overload, which the neanderthard can bypass with his gadgets but he does not breed so instead mores sapes breed which increase the environment-overload dementia badfeelz, one big factor in depopulation wars, maybe.

  2. Obadiah says:

    >Mathematical Edenism

    More like “Mathematical Aeoli Pera-ism”; it’s too devoid of the magic and supernatural undertones of Koanic’s original writings to really be called “Edenist”

  3. Obadiah says:


  4. Obadiah says:

    Not really a “tone” thing, just the content of the “Mathematical Edenism” post-series isn’t woo-infused enough to encompass the whole of what I’d consider “Edenism” because there’s a major supernatural element underlying the KoanicSoul blog’s content, output and theories.

    Though I’d agree that your writing does tend a bit “dry”, as the default state of your conscious “essence” in general leans toward Steiner’s “Ahriman”:

    In physics: Matter
    Influence emanates from the West and North
    Expressed in the cold colors of blue and purple, extending to ultraviolet
    Out Breath
    Excessive Detail

    ^Most of these traits are very “Aeolian”, even the colors of blue and purple on your blog.

    I would, by contrast, be shifted heavily towards “Lucifer” in my default state:

    In Breath

    “The left part of you — your left man, as it were — is the fortification set up by Lucifer, and your right man is the fortification set up by Ahriman. And the art of life consists in finding the true balance between them.”

  5. bicebicebice says:

    “isn’t woo-infused enough to encompass the whole of what I’d consider “Edenism” because there’s a major supernatural element underlying the KoanicSoul blog’s content, output and theories”

    chinese cigarettes (the nicotine (the poortastemans-aspirin-aspergerpill) and shrimp ( the chicken AND egg of the sea), compare that with agent mulder eating nothing but sunflower seeds and babes. aeoli is skully, koanic is mulder, tex is AD skinner (knowing about the manbearbonobopig but choosing to, now, live in the real world moreso than the others, sort of).

    edenism is real there is no woo major spoiler-pill also edenism isn’t real inveigleenticewanglefinagle there is no spoon obfuscate and dissimulate by telling the TRUTH (which is in the ingredients) now thats podracing.

    the most interesting tangible thing after electing oompa-loompa melon Trump, is the battle between the Borgonizer the wester gay.I and the Cyborgonize. A sound person would take the treestump or cannibal pill, life is just easier that way.

  6. Julian says:

    >I do tend to be a bit dry, now that you mention it. Both when I’m hot and cold, very little humidity in my writing.

    fwiw I disagree. Your writing is a water park.

  7. Obadiah says:

    >there is no spoon obfuscate and dissimulate by telling the TRUTH (which is in the ingredients) now thats podracing.

    I guess I’m trying to gently suggest to Aeoli that his melon origin theory is wrong by presenting information that is true and then allowing him to arrive at the correct conclusion by himself as this prevents any further nastiness between us and allows our group to function smoothly and coherently [read effectively]

    IDK man, I just psychologically can’t be regarded as a cannibal-troll creature by my close in-group fellows; the whole thing is incongruous and ridiculous (not in a good way)

    I’m also hesitant to destroy his theory straightforwardly cause that’ll make him feel bad and that’ll make me feel bad because when people I like feel bad I feel bad because I have too many mirror neurons/too much orbitofrontal cortex mass between my eyeballs.

    I guess I have a pretty bad emotional herding instinct.

  8. Son of Distant Trebizond says:

    I’d be interested to to hear more of your thoughts on the broader Reciprocality project.

    Also, another book recommendation that I think you’d enjoy: ‘Last and First Men’, by Olaf Stapledon. Quite Edenistic themes. The Second Men in particular bear strong resemblance to Tex’s descriptions of Amuds. But also just fun.

    the author:

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