Run da op

Vox takes a break from driving away his authors, friends, and family and tearing down everything he ever built to explain:


Again, let’s be clear what Vox is implying happened:

1. Trump tells everyone to buy the dip then makes up the Coronavirus scare
2. Q arrests 150,000 pedophiles on prison ships disguised as hospital ships
3. SEAL Master Chief Eduardo, of San Pedro, says “hold my taco” and goes on a one-man suicide mission to save a few of the pedophiles by crashing a train into one if these ships, because he’s just that selflessly dedicated to pedophilia


Hey, I have another theory. Maybe Q is a honeypot for raging narcissists. I for one want to thank our deep state overlords for creating Q and revealing these rabbits for the self-deluding psychos they truly are.

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16 Responses to Run da op

  1. Obadiah says:

    Maybe the real Q was the people we called Gammas on the internet along the way.

  2. Boneflour says:

    Is this…? C-C-C-COUNTER…?

  3. bicebicebice says:

    anyone minute now drumphie is going to round up the pedos who took tainted adrenochrome and then were are going magically land in the year 1900-1950 something…

    if you are a white man I suggest getting a treestump(build a bombshelter beneath if you want to go full OG Vault-Co), if you be not then you aren’t allowed to act surprised when the borgonizer takes over (for the better mind you), CHYNA pranked the whole world with this hoaxus poxus because all the fucking world does is tryna to play catch up to what they are doing, spectacularly failing recationaryismsismsssms. they got it all confirmed now that the white man is a fully fledged moron who does nothing but trying to please jews.

    if the chinese believe in race eading face eading palm eeading and snorting rhino horns to get your dix rock hard then that is what you are gonna have to believe to soon.with the CHYNESE average IQ of 115 vs the western zogbotoids whopping 94 itz basically a tom&jerry episode at this point.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >spectacularly failing recationaryismsismsssms

      Hey, we were a big deal for a minute in 2016.

      >they got it all confirmed now that the white man is a fully fledged moron who does nothing but trying to please jews.

      Just the whites who are narcissists, which is all of them.

      • bicebicebice says:

        poverty is keeping eastern yurop wyte and Christian so maybe CHYNA saves us all unironically by crashing all of our economies… if wealth is what turns wyte peepoo satanist then we can’t have that and in the other reality the CHYNESE boomers worked hard to make sure CHYNA and their children inherited the earth they have techonology and/but itz curated so no harm done so we won’t see the opposite effect there of the chinese YUTH beeing the boomers who kevorked everything…itz upside down world. Literally.
        IF we had adolf hitlers great firewall in teh west all of YOUS would be telling ME about treestumps just saying.

        we have no official policy nobody in the west does they all react to what the only united super power coincidentally also the only unified country is doing and if you do nothing but react always too late you lose especially when the “enemy” is almost 2billion strong counting diaspora half-breeds and people who are passing in realpolitik numbers that is 1/4 of the planet being CHYNESE or chinesey loyalists. Game over white man, enjoy your social media gender bender surgery.

      • Obadiah says:


        Read: traumatized (in most cases, or at least so many of the cases that it bears mentioning to clarify)

  4. MM says:

    PATRIOTS I would like to commemerate the life and blogging of our friend Aeoli Pera because the person(?) that wrote this post WAS NOT AEOLI. I know a member of KABAL any place AND YOU WILL NOT FOOL ME!!!!


  5. MM says:

    On a serious note I’m surprised it took one of the Q people so long to do something retarded like this.

    With the rate they are slipping further and further into insanity the feds might not even have to push one of them to do something truly horrendous (and politically harmful to the right).

    “SJWs always lie. SJWs always double down”

    This WASNT meant to be instructive, especially not in a global sense like engineering and sanctioning a rightwing delusion cult. Which is the root of the rot at the feet of both Vox and Trump; there is also a chance that Vox is as fake an ally as Trump is considering Vox’s dad was a hardcore zionist, and Vox’s pro Israel work at World Net Daily (which is funded by a zionist billionaire).

    I still bet on Vox just being a deluded fuck, but lately I really do wonder…

    Anyway, we can hopefully ALL now clearly see the misgivings of allowing oneself to become retarded because it is supposedly expedient. Everyone on the right should be more concerned with accumulating any level of actual power (and resources) than with the pathetic narrative obsessions that have consumed most of the time these past few years (which is, almost by definition, “gamma” as fuck)

    (PS- I know diff groups have diff goals. My point is that all of them are just arguing instead of doing the chad thing of “fuck it we will do our plan and show the way. People will get behind this idea because shit actually got done”)

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >I still bet on Vox just being a deluded fuck, but lately I really do wonder…

      The other half of it is, like all narcissists, he will want to associate with people more successful than he is at getting the things he wants. Which, surprise, 90% Jews.

  6. aiaslives says:

    Is coronavirus the leftist Q-gang?

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