How to save Gen Z (tl;dr- beat your friends who don’t beat their friends who don’t beat their wives who don’t homeschool)

Gen Z are the most Jewed generation yet. Girl in Pic related is not rare. Is there any hope?

Literally the only thing to do is stop sending them to schools. Public school is turning them trans, then quarantine turns them back. This is the easiest possible problem to solve.

Homeschooling is extra work though. So the simplest solutions are the hardest to implement because Westerners have no character. You have to create a hierarchy of people beating each other with sticks until they do the simple, hard thing. That’s why they call it discipline.

Men must absolutely support other men beating their wives if they fail to homeschool. And they have to beat the men who don’t beat their wives who don’t homeschool. And if they don’t, then leaders of men have to beat the men who don’t beat the men who don’t beat their wives who don’t homeschool.

Make sense yet?

This is how you get masses of people to do the simple, hard thing that works. Because otherwise they’re not going to. And if you think beating is harsh, just remember this is how you keep back the dark ages. Remember the kinds of torture they were doing in the dark ages to control people? I don’t want to go back to that. An ounce of prevention beats a pound of medieval torture devices.

The alternative is people you know ending up in a torture chamber someday over minor infractions.

That’s how low-trust societies control behavior. It should scare you because producing fear is what it exists for. Spankings to produce character now or death by torture chamber pour encourager les autres later, choose one.

You think the dark ages are way in the future? Way after you’re dead? You probably also think Biden isn’t the president because nobody voted for him. Oops, too bad, you were wrong.

On our trajectory this is 20 years from now, max. How old will you be in 20 years?

Let’s keep things as civilized as realistically possible by working now to minimize stuff like in that torture picture. Imagine being on that wheel and knowing you could have avoided it with a little diligence. Imagine your friend’s kid being on that wheel and knowing you could have avoided it.

Create discipline to create character. Moral nations don’t have torture chambers because people police each other. Therefore go forth and make disciples of discipline, and spare not the rod else you spoil the shepherds.

(Here’s a dirty little secret: the motivation for the most die-hard Q shills isn’t money, it’s the belief that someday they’ll get to be the torturer. That’s why really they push for blasphemy laws and increasing totalitarianism. They think Gitmo is being run by Trump and Q and people like them, and they want to apply for the job. They were easily deceived because they wanted to believe.)

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14 Responses to How to save Gen Z (tl;dr- beat your friends who don’t beat their friends who don’t beat their wives who don’t homeschool)

  1. mobiuswolf says:

    Reblogged this on The zombie apocalypse survival homestead and commented:
    Aeoli returns to r/K.

  2. Aeoli Pera says:

    A comment from elsewhere:

    “This is something you can quickly solve in small groups. Take 5 mates with kids. Let’s say 8 kids.

    One mom in the group quits her job and schools the kids from home. Other parents pay her an income.”

    • aiaslives says:

      This doesn’t work. It’s mostly a feel-good stopgap measure.

      This approach either picks the worst mom or the best mom. No exceptions.
      The good kids suffer with the worst mom
      The best mom and her kids suffer with the best mom

      Women should raise their own blood. Men can apprentice outside.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        I’m sure you’re speaking from experience and not pure autism.

        • aiaslives says:

          I 100% am speaking from experience.

          It’s a contest for the women because they’ll recognize behaviors that they never taught their children. Most “normal” people don’t care much about schools doing the same, but trying this now means everyone will have an opinion. Involving money just worsens it.

          The worst mom will engage them with cheese crackers and TV while the best mom will teach them good things and treat everyone almost equally, to the point where her own children will suffer. This doesn’t even include retarded calls the “host” is bound to get, involving anything from “why did my kid do [x], what did you tell him” to “My kid forgot [x] at your house can we come over RIGHT NOW to pick it up?”. The husband of the host also has 2x the work of the other dads.

          It’s a strategy that reduces the overall quality.

          It only (partly) works in large multigenerational households (which do not exist anymore).

  3. Heaviside says:

    I think governments will torture people if they believe that there are external or internal enemies that pose a serious threat to their existence, whether or not the society is “low trust” or “high trust”.

  4. The Game Master says:

    Look, I enjoy violently correcting others as much as the next guy, but, if you have to resort to using corporal punishment in order to motivate your people to do the right thing, you’ve already lost. What you need are some good, old-fashioned fervent religious beliefs which pass effectively and faithfully from one generation to the next. Just keep the motivational public floggings to a minimum, OK? You don’t want to give people *more* reasons to defect.

    • Ryu says:

      Corporal punishment is used extensively by the US government. And their soldiers and cops do not rebel. Note well – their citizens do not rebel either.

      It works. The first and last lesson both learn in either Basic or Academy is whose voice to obey. Even after retirement, they still obey and also no matter what occurs politically.

      Freedom and liberty are dead; there is no one left for fight for them. Begin with that, ignore what people say and study what they do.

  5. Contaminated NEET says:

    Looks like you and Jim are reading from the same page at the same time:
    “Our key issue is patriarchy, and each of us should promote it at the individual level, by being alpha in our interactions with women, and by telling our women that this is God’s will, and by approving or disapproving of individual associates according to whether their conduct undermines or supports their family and our own.”

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