Misc anime opinionating re: Gundam SEED, My Hero Academia, etc.

Copypasta from Skype rants…

BTW if you guys are looking for a pretty good Gundam show, the remastered version of Gundam SEED is on YouTube fo free.
This is the only good Gundam show I’ve seen (didn’t finish it tho tbh), but there are a lot of them I haven’t seen.
Some have excellent graphics but are somehow still unwatchably boring (looking at you, Unicorn).

Correction: I just watched Gundam SEED episode 36 and it has all the hallmarks of an anime that’s about to suck for most of the rest of it.
Good up until now.
But they just threw all of the subtlety out and introduced like eight new characters with flashy hair and attitude and WHOA look how great they are.
All the tension has gone out of the politics with the addition of a Hitler character who convinces people to follow his plans by mesmerizing them with his eyes. The romantic subplot was resolved.
It’s like they fired Haruki Murakami and brought in the Harry Potter fanfic club and they all brought their OCs with them.
This is why I stopped watching Hellsing Ultimate and why the second season of Tower of Druaga was trash.
And why FMA Brotherhood is almost unwatchable, despite having a better plot.
And if we’re being brutally honest, it’s why you could cut Berserk volumes 22-37 and lose nothing.
It’s a harsh toke but I’m right.
You could cut from the end of the Conviction arc to the arrival at the fairy island and it would be a better series.

Gundam SEED episode 37 also confirmed as garbage.
They should have had everybody die in the nuclear explosion and end it as a tragedy.
That would actually have made it a great show.
Before the introduction of Hitler and his meth SS, or the degeneration of all conversations into a cry cry hugbox.
I’m having flashbacks to RWBY.
And in episode 38, it’s revealed that the real enemy is RACISM.
I’ve never seen a show go downhill this abruptly.
It’s getting dumber by the minute.
I can’t continue. This was supposed to be a reward for successfully scrambling through assignments for the last two days.
Cowboy Bebop palette cleanser…

I finished Gundam SEED. It actually got a little better. I was complaining at the low point when blondie’s dad dies for no reason so the strong independent wamen could be a tragic heroine for five minutes.
The introduction of evil Hitler makes sense at the end in the resolution of the conflict between Murrius and Badgiruel.
The part where he takes over with magic eyes was just very lazy writing, but he’s otherwise a good character because the point is that he’s a narcissist with power and Badgiruel’s plan-trusting gets her in trouble with him.
The meth Nazis actually got even worse because they used the same stock footage for their battle sequences about a dozen times and it was obnoxious every time. But at least they die in the last episode, which is nice. I’d edit them out in my fan edit.
The ending tied the vague anti-war message together nicely, and I’m quite happy with Le Creuset’s arc, which is important because he was the most interesting character.
So I’d walk back some of what I said before. Nowhere near as bad as the ongoing travesty called RWBY.
But that’s sorta the archetype spiraling example of anime going sour after the artist dies and the fanfic writers take over.
Meanwhile, My Hero Academia continues to impress in Season 5.
The only complaint I have about the show, and it’s a minor one, is that the sequences where they narrate the game theory of whatever fight or situation they’re in is bad style.
It feels like all of the unimportant action sequences really suffer because of this.
The good parts are when they’re talking heroism philosophy and attitude and maybe stuff is also happening onscreen to illustrate, but maybe they’re just standing around listening, and it’s still great stuff.
The bad parts are when they’re analyzing strengths and weaknesses like it’s a tabletop game. It really detracts from the aesthetic.
Tbh I think it’s filler or, worse, an advertisement for spinoff card games.
Were I advising the writer(s), I’d suggest interviewing emergency responders, MMA fighters, and soldiers about what kinds of thoughts are going through their heads before, during, and after similar situations, and write those down instead of the D&D bullshit. Nothing against D&D, of course, but it doesn’t fit.
Also when I’m rich I’m going to pay for an abridged MHA series with a Jordan Peterson impersonator doing the voice of Deku.
Correction: Every character is voiced as Jordan Peterson. It would be even funnier to have him doing the villains’ monologues.
Here’s an example of when I think they’re doing it right:

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14 Responses to Misc anime opinionating re: Gundam SEED, My Hero Academia, etc.

  1. Obadiah says:

    Another “Antichrist” themed dream.

    This time it starts in a castle setting that has occurred in a few other dreams. I’m doing cannabis-extraction stuff in an old gothic classroom setting and I can sense that an old friend from high school is there with me. I notice some stains on the floor. I try to go about my business working with the weed, but I seemingly mess up a piece of processing equipment while an extraction is happening. I think I’ve screwed up, but I double check, look more closely and realize that the stains on the floor were from older “students” and that I apparently didnt lose any product.

    Me and my friend leave and go back to my grandma’s house on motorcycles. I’m on an old white motorcycle that doesn’t run that great–dont remember what he’s riding. We get to my grandma’s house and my friend starts working on my bike. He casually and one-handedly adjusts the front wheel height upward. This makes the bike run more smoothly and sound better as well. At this point a man wearing a trenchcoat, having a long nose and smoking a cig rolls up also on a motorcycle. He announces that he “was in Afghanistan”. I sense that he seems friendly or at least non-hostile.


    • Obadiah says:


      We take the front wheel off my bike and find that it has some water in it. I try to squeeze the water out and see that the wheel is starting to fall off the rim. I get the sense that “time is running out”.

      I turn around with my high school friend and look at the sky to the west. It’s doing strange things that you wouldn’t really expect the sky to do in my state. “Is that the Aurora Borealis?”, I ask. “Yes,” my friend calmly responds. In the western sky, the colorful and eerie Northern Lights appear to be dancing and swirling lazily for a moment, then more intensely. The lights suddenly clear off, part, and a massive figure of a man emerges. He’s also made of the same “ethereal light stuff” as the Aurora from a moment ago. I cant make out any fine details on his features other than that he seems caucasian/white. His face seems angry, hateful or upset. He reaches out with one hand as if grasping toward the Earth. I feel a powerful sense of dread/fear. Dream ends.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      > At this point a man wearing a trenchcoat, having a long nose and smoking a cig rolls up also on a motorcycle. He announces that he “was in Afghanistan”.

      Kept you waiting, huh?

      • Obadiah says:

        >Kept you waiting, huh?


        Random thought: Trump seems like a “prototype test-run simulation” of the rise of the Antichrist himself–superficially rightly-aligned, saying all the right things, offering clear common sense solutions to dialectically-created problems i.e. immigration, and managing to fool a lot of people–myself included.

        Meanwhile, COVID/Vaxx seems like a test-run sim of the mark of the beast.

        The Beast himself appeals to more right-wing sensibility. The Mark appeals to left-wingers. Something something Lucifer and Ahriman dialectic.

  2. Obadiah says:

    Interp: if we assign any legitimacy to muh schizo internet dream-posting it seems that the Antichrist may be closer than in the earlier “tower of babel” dream. He’s still approaching the Earth from the same basic vector of “outer space” or from “the stars”. He still doesn’t seem to have a physical form, though last time he was a shooting star while this time he’s a more high resolution “man made of light”. He seems “closer to the Earth” this time though.

    The shabby white motorcycle that I’m riding seems to represent my own moral agency or “ability to act”. What’s a bit disconcerting is that one of the horsemen of the apocalypse is described as riding a white horse so I hope that doesn’t map to my motorcycle in this dream. Hopefully the white color of my bike represents “purity”, “pureness of heart” or “Christianity” in general.

    The mysterious Afghanistan veteran smoking a cig is a complete mystery. He seemed like a gracile nobilid with dark hair. I remember sensimg that his long nose made him “willful”. Complete mystery man though.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      > What’s a bit disconcerting is that one of the horsemen of the apocalypse is described as riding a white horse so I hope that doesn’t map to my motorcycle in this dream.

      That presumes John’s Apocalypse follows the same dream logic as your dreams, which is implausible. Your dream brain is quite directly literal, though visual in its expression. E.g. the thought “My boss is a snake” would be represented by him as a literal snake, not a modernized equivalent.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      My first impression is that the mystery man represents everything “strange”: alien lands, dressed like a spy or a mercenary, etc. That makes me think it’s your Shadow, although I wouldn’t put money on that.

      Your friend appears to be a Platonic composite character. Maybe a Green Man, considering he fixed your bike effortlessly and drained the water, which sounds shamanic. Though I recognize this is indulgent, my first instinct is it was me.

      Grandma’s house has a Retvrn to Tradition vibe, as it presumably represents your connection to your family history, legacy, wisdom of elders, that kind of thing.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      In summary:

      – You’re doing your job, then something is wrong.
      – You realize it’s not your fault (the “stain” = blame).
      – You decide to Retvrn to Tradition with the Platonic friend character.
      – It’s rough going because your mind is misaligned and carrying emotional baggage.
      – The friend fixes your mis-alignment effortlessly.
      – International Man of Mystery shows up, signaling things are about to get strange.
      – You start working on the emotional baggage and realize there’s a precarious hardware issue underneath.
      – Mortal salience kicks in.
      (The more literal part of the dream starts here.)
      – Aurora borealis. I don’t have a symbolic cipher for it but I’ll note it’s always been an omen in dreams like this.
      – Friend is calm.
      – Angel of Light appears in the Northwest (probably referring to Northwestern Europeans), possibly looking for a vessel to serve as his avatar.
      – Grasping indicates he’s literally trying to get a hold on the world.

  3. Fox says:

    Watch Rokka no Yusha (“this show gave me trust issues”).

  4. Obadiah says:

    So previous “tower” dream established that the Antichrist comes “out of the zodiac”. In that dream, however, we dont get a definitive point of origin or trajectory because the metro area with the towers doesn’t actually exist IRL.

    My grandma’s house, on the other hand, does exist IRL and I distinctly remember looking into the sky the way the front porch faces–to the West–as the AC comes out of the sky.

    So these two dreams seem to establish:
    1. The Antichrist does not have a physical body yet. He hasn’t “incarnated” or been born into a physical form.
    2. Despite not having a physical form, he is nonetheless approaching the Earth.
    3. He will emerge from “the zodiac in the west”–or Western occultists/Satanists/Zodiacists.

    The “northern” direction may also factor in here since in the dream I explicitly ask my friend “is that the northern lights?” which he explicitly confirms.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >He will emerge from “the zodiac in the west”–or Western occultists/Satanists/Zodiacists.

      The sense I get is it’s a literalization of Western Luciferianism, i.e. a giant, malicious “angel of light”.

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