Adding a sense of proportion to lists of pros and cons

People tend to overthink very small decisions (e.g. saving 50c on a $5 purchase) and underthink very large decisions (e.g. buying a particular car for no articulable reason).

I made this spreadsheet while choosing between six different living arrangements, which was a big and complex decision. I started by making lists of pros and cons for all six options:

Here are the (anonymized) possibilities I was analyzing when I came up with this.

-Stay where I am in {city in Michigan}.
-Move somewhere nearby with lower rent.
-Move near to/with {old friend} in {area}.
-Move near to/with {other old friend} in {area}.
-Move near to/with parents in {area}.
-Move near to Boneflour in {area}.

Staying where I am:


-Extremely convenient bike trail.
-Living alone is amazing.
-Zero moving and acclimation effort required.
-No moving costs.


-High rent and increasing.
-Social contact is restricted to {sister’s place} every other week.
-No use networking for zombie apocalypse in this area because I won’t be here.
-Bad odds in dating.

I’ll do one more for contrast.

Move near to {Boneflour} in {area}:


-Weekly social contact with people I like (Boneflour and Lizard King).
-Can work on parents’ property every other weekend or monthly.
-Good general social environment.
-Good dating prospects.
-Lower cost of living.
-Can collaborate on IRL projects with Boneflour.
-Good availability of $14/hr retail-level jobs. Probably better than Uber/Lyft, and if not I could make slightly better money per hour.

Both pro and con

-Possibility of starting zombie apocalypse survival cult commune there instead. Online friends are more radicalized but less dependable and geographically spread out about the same amount.


-High moving and acclimation effort.
-Moving costs.
-Heat sucks. Exercise situation unknown. Winter is probably nice for running.
-Effectively eliminates ability to work on side gig.
-Can’t help out sister’s family if they have trouble. Cuts visits to one or two per year.

So I combined all the concerns into one list and ranked them like so (click for larger):

The purpose of this step is to introduce a sense of proportion to the vague concerns floating around in pro/con columns. I didn’t know until after filling in this spreadsheet that cold vs. hot weather isn’t something I actually care about all that much. Versus getting good sleep, which according to Starship Troopers and me is the secret to all happiness. Or rather, the absence thereof will make miserable a man who has everything else.

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7 Responses to Adding a sense of proportion to lists of pros and cons

  1. bicebicebice says:

    >-Can collaborate on IRL projects with Boneflour.

    well thank fucking God the people have only been waiting since early 2020 for a new broadcast, I like his new yorker dialect and if you told me he didn’t actually run a new jersey radio station i’d just aks u “why not?!?”

    … so you see, imagine waiting for a new “voice of eden” to drop now that would be a real bitch ass sucker move…maybe the real heresy was the real projects we squandered along the way… you should definitely try living somewhere else for 6 months with some plans in mind or you’ll just be mad at yourself for being too comfortable, boomers in general love the idea of moving/vacation so your parents should probably help you with some money or maybe a relative?always remember that a man can marry down in ages 5-15 no problem after that you need something more than your winning personality and good moral character…usually

    go live in the hot place when that place is colder i mean come on its not rocket science, hell even the desert gets cold at night so just sleep during the day namsayin

    at least you didnt shut yourself down completely with the “can’t do this because of corona virus but hey i got a nice spreadsheet out of it”

    atleast you are thinking about doing nice things for yourself thats a good Christmas present.

    Always remember that you are welcome in China, we can recycle a white guy like you with the wisdow of a 500 year old golden nut-stashing red squirrel.

    /Uncle Xi

  2. dmat says:

    Why do you like political actors, I mean, any of them?


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