Eric Striker: The FBI Plans To Lobby Congress For New Laws That Allow Them To Pursue Children As “Domestic Terrorists”

The FBI is calling on Congress to pass laws giving federal agents greater authority to prosecute children in relation to what it categorizes as domestic terrorism, according to the Bureau’s recently released Strategic Intelligence Assessment and Data on Domestic Terrorism.

The report, which was presented to lawmakers last month, focuses primarily on the alleged threat landscape regarding what federal officials have dubbed “Domestic Violent Extremism,” or DVE.

The assessment points out that federal domestic terrorism investigations grew to record highs during the relevant year of analysis, largely due to the mass classification of Donald Trump supporters arrested for entering the US Capitol on January 6th, 2021 as Domestic Violent Extremists.

Tucked away in the 44-page report’s “Legislative Initiatives” section, the Department of Homeland Security and FBI contend that existing federal law sets the bar for arresting and prosecuting juvenile investigative targets too high…

Read the whole thing there.

tl;dr- The federal bureau of pedophiles wants to normalize black-bagging the children of MAGA white families. Because of course they do.

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2 Responses to Eric Striker: The FBI Plans To Lobby Congress For New Laws That Allow Them To Pursue Children As “Domestic Terrorists”

  1. LOADED says:

    you are overdramatic to the point of exaggerating everything around you Aeoli. you need to understand context better!

    whites are not superior! most midwits most evil people are white. i tried to demonstrate this to you but you fail to learn.

    the problem isnt from outside its from within. white society has depleted their level of intelligence tremendously and then blame it on others. their dysgenics is to blame for everything nothing else!

    stop pointing fingers until you find a way to actually correct things. tame yourself before you a tame society!

  2. bicebicebice says:

    “hello yes this is the police we would like to lobby more laws so we can arrest more people/ because ummhh..we want to arrest more people” this is some serious maximizing your already maxxed out maximum, this is some kind of infinity cheat. this is criminal, hehe…

    …so you see, one perk of our generation, generations is not something I like to talk about because it cheapens Eugenics and thus Edenism, however do be is that we weren’t targeted as criminals per se, and when we did do the crimes we were never charged for it, you owe us more stories from your cathouse bouncer days just saying.

    “you have an illicit pepe (that your friend automatically sent to your phone) AND you are 7 years old?!?that will be a minus 1% cut from your paycheck as soon as you start making an income FOR LIFE”

    more adrenochrome And a nice windfall to boot?this is how you run the planet folks, new blood for your organs and more money to maintain station in order to get more blood and more money to etc etc etc – ∞

    All of this is legal.

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