How to Train Your Dragon (Or, Prometheus Accomodates His Shadow)

How to Train Your Dragon is a Jungian psychological story about an archetypal lightbringer protagonist learning to harness the inarticulate, subconscious side of his personality and articulating his methods for doing so to his tribe. It is an example of the Genius’s Journey story that Bruce Charlton has speculated about.


If you aren’t familiar with the plot, you can get up to speed at the Wiki. If you aren’t familiar with the idea of integrating one’s shadow, read this article.

The war between the Vikings and the dragons represents the Vikings’ self-repression. The apocalyptic “Red Death” which consumes resources and other dragons represents the amalgamated, built-up aggression of their shame-based, Ahrimanic society. As the repressed anxiety of the society grows bigger and bigger, it threatens to break free and release an uncontrolled red vortex of destructive, undirected psychopathic libido. The point of the plot is that geniuses can teach people how to channel their shameful desires rather than denying their existence (denying their right to exist, symbolically) so as to mitigate the destruction caused in these revolutionary, eclipse-style social realignments.

(I’m not saying I agree, just saying that’s what it’s about.)

Ed: Does anyone have a link to that comparison page about Lucifer/Ahriman in Steiner? I need to plug it into the link above. I also need it to make an addendum to the Ocarina of Time analysis, re: Manichean sun cultism vs. moon “lunacy”.

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15 Responses to How to Train Your Dragon (Or, Prometheus Accomodates His Shadow)

  1. Ø says:

    TL;DR Lucifer = White Matter; Ahriman = Grey Matter

  2. Ø says:

    Here’s a thingy I just made that continues where the Google-doc left off:

  3. Aeoli Pera says:

    Unicorn vs. Leviathan is the symbology I intend to file these under. It’s in the Bible and Big O so you know it’s both rare and spicy.

  4. Ø says:

    Lucifer can be summed up as “the spiritual failure-mode of an extroverted consciousness” while Ahriman can be summed up as the spiritual failure-mode of an introverted consciousness.

  5. Joe says:

    It was the face of the satanic entity Ahriman one saw one in the smoke of the South Tower on 9/11.

    Search Term : “Face of Ahriman + 9/11”

  6. aiaslives says:

    RIP Terry Davis, the CIAniggers got him.

  7. Arakawa says:

    Advanced-mode challenge: interpret ‘Spirited Away’, the other huge animated movie that centers around taming a dragon.

  8. Ø says:

    “The Pope” and “The Catholic Church” need to be here

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