Posting will resume

Not sure when. Could be tomorrow, could be a month. I’ve been acting in my capacity as the family shaman.

What do shamans do? They are called upon to deal with exceptional situations – situations where there is no traditional guidance, or where the traditional guidance has been tried and found to be ineffective. Such situations could include some types of illness, when and where to move for better hunting, what to do about threats from predators or other tribes, ‘legal’ judgement in difficult cases – many types of advice and guidance, interpretation and prophecy.


The shaman is probably an Endogenous personality; he embodies that power which comes from high ability combined with high creativity, and it is this which enables him to serve a crucial social function in certain rare but important situations. Most of the time he is not wanted, scary, chaotic, nasty, a nuisance, a parasite – but there are situations when he is needed. And it is for these situations that the shaman is protected by the rest of the tribe.

This, then, is the same kind of power the genius has: the shaman can be considered an example of the ‘local genius’.

My personal opinion is that it’s the job of a shaman to be unbound by taboo. When the pretense becomes pathological, it’s necessary to for a particular sort of Omega male to push a solution through. Normally, people will resist taboo-breaking because the conceit is worth more to them than an Omega’s ridiculous, fringe opinions, but there comes a time when everybody knows the conceit must be discarded and yet no respectable person can do it (kind of like how moderates will resist reasonable nationalists then fall in behind scary, unreasonable ultra-nationalists). That’s when you bring in the crazy guy who can’t be blamed for saying crazy things (that’s just the way he is), and the token resistance to his crazy ideas curiously fall away to allow the solution everybody more or less knows needs to be implemented.

The fact that I was called in to help, rather than sticking my nose in, should suffice to tell you how interesting things have gotten. Anyway, it’s been a hell of a week and I can’t tell when the new normal will set in, or what the new routine will look like. Probably it will at least include more Blockheads soon, I really enjoy writing those.

Since I’m on the subject, I think the secondary problem with the West, after secularism, is that our priest caste (“politicians” in Overwatch theory) identify as taboo-breaking shamans while simultaneously persecuting the real deal (as argued by Charlton in the link). A priest’s job, Biblically speaking, is to enforce religious rules and restrictions, not deconstruct them. They are meant to be high SSMV pillars of the community, with wives and families in good order, not eccentric monks whose institutions cynically appeal to the pagan hieros gamos heresy to pretend they aren’t sexual rejects. So we basically have a bunch of status strivers running around pretending to be Diogenes while living in mansions, neglecting their noblesse oblige, with bad discernment driving out good. It makes sense though- if you want the material perks of taboo-enforcing authority without the accountability drawbacks of leadership, what better way than to pretend you’re Diogenes? Sure, you live in the Xanadu mansion you built for your tomb, but you don’t care about wealth because you’re above it all and these status symbols just naturally happened because good things come to good people.

I wonder if Lazarus can be bothered to dip his finger in water and touch it to the tongue of such a rotten priest as he burns in Hell. They really are quite nasty people tbh, something about abnegating a holy duty turns them vindictive.

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4 Responses to Posting will resume

  1. bicebicebice says:

    “Homer: I guess some people never change. Or, they quickly change and then quickly change back.”

    Look at people like units produced in a strategy game, most solutions are pen and paper solutions but even this will anger a sape, they will fuck it up and then come for your ass. “nah thats spergy-satan talk”. A downie has 70IQ and an ooga booga has 56, you can’t even present a viable child solution to these people because they just can execute the function, your job then becomes doing everything for them and then take the blame and/or have the job-glory stolen from you, being sent back into the wastes until you are needed again to leech from. This is why you don’t become president in a western country in the current year.

    Again, very happy to be Scandinavian not having these pretenses that your family are the good guys excluded from all the rules. You don’t give a chillum a chainsaw nor do you give it to an adult with zero experience, so why give them mental hoops they can’t jump through, the practice is the same, in fact it is harder because it is abstract. This is why wahmen work in the field of goodfeelz, bringing down everything around them because both life and death is not real to them, which makes sense seeing as they can die in the process of giving life (birth). And with the rampant soyboy epidemic and cucked male boomers… can’t force a guy to WIN(repent)!

    “Cleve Blakemore on paper is apparently 54 years old but shows every sign of having recently emerged from puberty given overall physical data. French anthropologists once suggested that Neanderthals did not finish puberty until their fifties.”

    The sape only reaches maturity in order to breed, everything else around him is the work of his caretakers. Another win for the TQ, no babysitting sapes 24/7. Give a sape a fishing rod and pretty soon it caught fire or is used as a murder tool because stimuli overload.

    The posts must flow

  2. Schrödinger's Psych Evaluation says:

    >identify as taboo-breaking shamans while simultaneously persecuting the real deal

    I can see that you, in fact, get it.

    By the way, the Federation from Star Trek is just the mechanistic, utopian daydream of our civilization. Federation values are “human values,” and “human values” are Western values. Humans teach aliens how to act like White people. I mean pre-Discovery Star Trek. Don’t watch Discovery. That shit’s gay.

    Also, good luck with your family situation.

  3. Patrick says:

    Failed priests trying to become Shamans are just trying to escape their true fate: gas.

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