A more tasteful and situationally appropriate white nationalist manifesto

Rhetorical version:

Race riots correct response

Dialectical version:


tl;dr- Guerilla wars are 100% a function of optics. Never react. Make friends with normies, beat the Jews at memes, and let the normies decide when the time is right to violently defend their loved ones and property.

Our motto for responding to outrageous acts of oppression should be the last words from The Count of Monte Cristo: “Until the day when God shall deign to reveal the future to man, all human wisdom is summed up in these two words,

“Wait and hope.”

What we want, politically: The purpose of government is to carve out a lawful, ordered space for people to mind their own business. This maximizes tax revenues through prosperity, which serves stationary bandits best regardless of their aims or character. We believe that when white people are allowed to mind their own business, free from terror of reprisal by hostile transnational elites, their revealed preferences reflect race realism.

Litmus test for feds vs. frustrated loners: A fed will never encourage white nationalists to make friends and organize in unspecified ways. So if someone encourages white nationalists to communicate or organize privately, without specifying a medium, venue or group (which they might know for sure is controlled or surveilled), then they almost certainly aren’t a fed. The converse isn’t true–someone recommending a specific thing may not be a fed. All we know absolutely for certain about the revealed preferences of feds is they are opposed to uncontrolled, unmonitored white nationalist communication and organization. Therefore, the way to tell a fed is to pose the question: “Should I make friends with other white nationalists in my area, if I do it carefully?”

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9 Responses to A more tasteful and situationally appropriate white nationalist manifesto

  1. bicebicebice says:

    “let the normies decide when the time is right to violently defend their loved ones and property.”


    I don’t believe you when you write this stuff and I don’t think you do either welcome to the ‘kwa baby shoot first blogg later

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      No, see, shooting is bad, it says so in the comic.

      • bicebicebice says:


        from the oncie nerdiest obscure hobbies to the corporate giants itz all today one single sape blobb of genocide

        in my mail
        “For those in the black community, we know you carry an extra burden right now and 23andMe stands in solidarity with you.

        Our company is based on the foundation that all of us are linked by a shared thread – DNA – that we are genetically 99.5% the same. We share so much in common, yet black and brown skin means you will disproportionately experience injustices and prejudice that can put lives on completely different trajectories.

        I feel awful and overwhelmed by the events going on. Hashtag after hashtag, there is little meaningful change. How can we break the cycle? The world is filled with people who, I believe, genuinely want to create an equitable society but are unsure how to take the first step to make that happen. We all have habits we need to break, biases we need to actively fight and silence we need to end.

        As a leader who really cares, I feel the responsibility to not just talk about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, but to make meaningful changes and contributions through my own actions and how we operate at 23andMe. Our management team, Board and employee base must have greater diversity. I am ashamed to say I do not have a single black employee who is at Director level or above. Our product is euro-centric but must expand to be inclusive and equitable. We absolutely have the potential to be better. Despite our efforts, I have to honestly say that we are also part of the problem.

        I’m holding myself accountable. I’m holding 23andMe accountable. And I’m asking that our customers hold us accountable. This will include making sure that we change our hiring practices, that we make sure we give greater promotional opportunities within the company, that we dedicate resources to evolve our product to better represent all communities and that my management team and Board have more inclusive representation.

        George Floyd and many others in the black community died an unjust and tragic death. I send my deepest sympathy to the families, friends and communities that are grieving. We regrettably cannot change the past but I can certainly learn from this and will do everything I can to be part of changing the future.

        Anne Wojcicki
        CEO and Co-founder, 23andMe” itz also in the front page you can’t log in unless going through it also I closed my account fuck those kikes probably gonna have to delete every account everywhere out of principle and yes even my gmail…

        You know there is no redpilling a sape and the whole world has reverted back to “neanderthals must be genocided again” hence the “I don’t believe you part”.

        buck up fuckoos itz happening don’t wait 10 years to get out of dodge you don’t even got 10 weeks

  2. mas says:

    Looking at previous civil unrests show that the true reason for those riots is not the criminal negro’s death, but something else.


    Always the same scenario:
    – Happens during summer (Perhaps because it is an environment most similar to Africa’s warm climate)
    – Happens for some bogus reason, generally criminals being arrested or dying from the police, which is used as an opportunity, a flash point to liberate Negroid racial tension
    – Negroid racial tension is freed in a chaotic way and manifests itself in chimpouts, arsons, rapes, attacks, etc …

    I think the real reason it happens is because as Edenism explains, each phenotype has an unconscious will to turn the environment into the one which made it evolve and appear in the first place. Explains why it happens in the summer (Africa is warm), explains why they destroy everything (Civilization is an eurasian sociobiological formation), explains why they loot (Africa is a resource abundant environment which requires no work or effort for resources, provided the populations aren’t pumped by Western aide).

    I think it started happening simply around the moment white domination and control over them has started seriously waning. So, living with negroes can only work if they are under control and domination so as to restrain their natural impulses.

    The exact same thing happens with the NAFRIs in France, who for the most part have substantial amount of Negro blood, proving once again that the real reason isn’t the negro’s death:

    Once again, same scenario, bogus retarded reasons for which they started riots, criminals and rascals dying by accident:

    “The unrest started on 27 October at Clichy-sous-Bois, where police were investigating a reported break-in at a building site, and a group of local youths scattered in order to avoid interrogation. Three of them hid in an electricity substation where two died from electrocution, resulting in a power blackout.”

  3. bicebicebice says:

    “mas says:
    June 3, 2020 at 11:45 am”

    “I think the real reason it happens is because as Edenism explains, each phenotype has an unconscious will to turn the environment into the one which made it evolve and appear in the first place.” you are correct but we don’t mention the “E”-word any more more in the edenoid sphere, we sit back trust the plan and do mental hoops inbetween the 2 week waits. civilization is a huge disadvantage to the negro in breeding terms so they turn it into a jungle, makes perfect biological sense.

    https://twitter.com/m_I_wazir/status/1268115498677547008 any day now the one-drop rule sape will revert back to a groid just as God hates male ligers kwanstania is the font of this madness because of all the white peoples they are the least white. world war 3 will be whit*oid americans niggers and kikes versus chinamen russians and white europeans

  4. Baron Julius Evola says:

    Another banger Aeoli. Normally this shit would have gotten me riled up I dont care anymore. Im sitting back right now debating weather to continue reading my bible, keep banging tinder hoes, or maybe do both?

    PS Is there any reading which would give me the basics on edenism as I came to the party after tex arcane was booted?

  5. Boneflour says:

    I like this post. I hereby certify this post OK.

    It’s funny how that frog guy is not outdoors or getting Starbucks. He looks like he’s chilling somewhere out of the way and more remote than the middle of the city.

    It’s on the tip of my tongue, what is the word…

    • Boneflour says:

      One neat thing to watch was the contrast between the guys in that apartment block getting bricks thrown at them
      the picture of the men in the suburbs hanging out with ARs at the front of a car blockade.

      What if the real tree stump was the suburbs we fled to along the way?

  6. bicebicebice says:

    itz funny that early tex “feared” american balkanization as the ITZ when in fact today it is the only hope for the new countries to form in the ashes of kwanstania because as seen many ethnic groups don’t listen to the kikes telling you you are a glownigger if you defend your area from niggers, the average white american is COMPLETELY stripped of any personality and racial/cultural SURVIVAL awareness whatsoever its quite crazy to see but the “AMERKWA WAS BUILT BY IMMIGRANTS” trope is in full effect instead… rumpie wanted to build a wall to keep out the spanish so the anglo derive could live in their little eden and do kike and nigger things all day long but fate would have it otherwise.

    every “law enforcement” agency all the way up to the military is getting on their kness to suck off the niggers whereas the french just tear gas them in the face as usual hell even the swedish cuck police was swining and spraying, the american whit*oid has given the whole western world kike and nigger fatigue and many who aren’t goyed westerners see the weakness and pounce straight for the jugular and I salute them at this point because I can’t take anymore american kike and nigger garbage, you are completely on your own thinking you are going to do an epic 1 up on the whole world by turning yourself into groids?!? No wonder tex harped on about yellowstone at least that would have garnered some sympathy and pity. Today? Not so much as none for the american.

    “if you surrender your cities and the moral framework for society that your ancestors built you win” ..when you evict yourself from your own lands and think a treestump is too good for you to live in… where do you plan on staying?
    the word “immigrant” should be swapped for “american”, all they will bring about is a kwanstania.”but bice what about the real americans”? they don’t exist anymore


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