Nephilim and the WQ

I had the thought yesterday that what girls are really into is demons who look like angels. This was from rewatching Trigun, then finding that all the fanart is shipping Meryl with Knives:

Sephiroth is another great example. I’ve come to the conclusion that the archetypal ‘ship is a Lucifer with blond hair, blue eyes, and angular features with whatsername from Black Swan. The Natalie Portman character. If you aren’t familiar with Knives, just imagine if the Roffschild thread guy looked like Dolph Lundgren, and then stop. His thing is to create Eden by wiping out all inferior life forms.

We can be pithy and say that all women crave the nephilim


Normie examples would be Hermione/Malfoy or 50 Shades of Twilight.

Possibly related, I think I’m in love with the Hellraiser girl.

Update: I later found

Update 2: H/T Ken,

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7 Responses to Nephilim and the WQ

  1. Obadiah says:

    revolver ocelot: arch-MM (real name adamska, aka ADAM)
    the boss: arch-MM (eve)
    flowery meadow where you fight the boss at the end of the game: garden of eden; in fact entirety of mgs3 may take place in primordial Eden.
    “Snake eater” (in aeoliworld this translates to “knowledge of good and evil absorber”)
    fighting the boss: hero severing the jungian motherly umbilical cord in the belly of the jungian whale

    big boss: owl melon (‘naked’ snake)
    solid snake: MT (look at the name)
    liquid snake: arch-MM (again look at name)
    otacon: neanderthal

    all the foxhound members probably represent different overwatch archetypes

    more autism will be required on this topic.

    • Obadiah says:

      solid snake rapidly aging: genetic degeneration of outbred descendants

      “solid vs liquid”: aspie vs neurotypical

      liquid also fits your op description.

      • Obadiah says:

        so “solid snake” literally means “straightforward and linear knowledge-of-good-and-evil-haver”, or MT.

        and “liquid snake” literally means “fluid and flexible knowledge-of-good-and-evil-haver”, or MM.

        • Obadiah says:

          Actually, the treacherous EVA would of course be perfidious Eve wouldn’t she? Then ADAM turns out to be kind of based, and not as good a fighter as Snake but a better secret agent.

          Man I need to do a total playthrough of MGS at some point before world explodes in 2030.

          Either way MGS is 100% about Edenism, with MGS 3 in particular being about the absorption of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden of eden (“snake eater”).

          • Aeoli Pera says:

            I’ve played 1, 2, 3, and currently working on 5. I watched a playthrough of 4, it didn’t look very fun. Would recommend playing them roughly in order, and definitely play 5 last because the gameplay is so much more fun it would ruin the others.

            • Obadiah says:

              Played some of but haven’t finished: 1 and 5 (5 doesn’t feel like a finished product; feels overambitious and not-quite-complete).

              Played to completion: 2 and 3.

              Have not touched: 4 (looks overwrought/overdesigned somehow).

              See I want to play them chronologically so the overarching story and archetypal material is more comprehensible. So 3 > 5 > 1 > 2 > 4.

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