Owl react to my essay on 2020 being the death of classical liberalism

(Responding to this.)

Profound and poetic
The true mark of an insight that hits the mark
I agree with you about how perceptions dramatically changed, with the caveat that a large percentage are aggressively choosing not to see and still think things are perfectly the same as “the before times”
Reminds me of de Tocqueville’s comment on America that in europe there was diversity of opinion but in america no one would think to have a different opinion
still, the tide’s out and it turns out everybody was swiming naked, so any kind of moral high gronud is lost and the npcs are the only ones even trying to keep up the illusion

Oh damn it, I missed that opportunity to do the emperor’s new clothes tie-in.
Great connection.

i seem to remember one chat a while ago we talked about how the apocalypse was more of a revealing, a shattering of perceptions than a physical end of the world
I’d say that we ended up being quite prescient

Memory fails me here, but that has more than a whiff of Joseph Campbell.

my understanding is that the word apocalypse itself derives from ancient greek for “codex” or “collection of sacred books”, though that’s not a claim i’d stake much on without spending a year or two studying the language
again, i beleive that this is also why the bible book is called “revelation”, but again

My autism can serve you here.

not a claim i can discuss intelligently without study of greek, vulgate latin, and aramaic
*vulgate greek? coffee hasn;t kicked in yet

Apocalypse comes from apo, meaning “falling away from” and Calypso.
Calypso means “to conceal”, and in myth was a nymph who detained Odysseus for 7 years.


That’s particularly interesting if we take Odysseus as an archetypal melonhead.
We can therefore interpret Calypso to mean “mystery” and therefore “Apocalypse” to mean “mystery falls away” or “unveiling”.
In the context of the behelit myth, Calypso is the mystery that enraptures Sephiroth or whoever the nephilim stand-in is in your story.
Then after he solves the mystery, Apocalypse.

Maybe the 7 years bit in Revelations is literal.
It would make sense that, after an overreach like 2020, societal events would play out on a basically predetermined timeline.
Plus, if shit goes down precisely 7 years after January 6th of this year, that means I was exactly right if I pegged the end at 2028 šŸ˜€
If this 7 years bit works like in Revelations, then the next 3.5 years will be characterized by prosperity.
Then the 3.5 years after that will be characterized by really bad times, followed by catastrophically bad times.
I.e. Put your money in the stock market until July of 2024, then pull it out IMMEDIATELY.
If things play out like that, it’ll verify my reading of Revelations as referring to all apocalypses, not just the big one.

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8 Responses to Owl react to my essay on 2020 being the death of classical liberalism

  1. qark says:

    ‘Maybe the 7 years bit in Revelations is literal.’

    Is there a 7 years bit in Revelation, never seen it? thx

  2. what says:

    Just realized madoka magical rebellion is a behelit story. Unfair. I hate Aeoli now. What a painful realization.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      That’s pretty epic stuff.

      • what says:

        It’s mahou shoujo faust. I’d recommend watching it, specifically the movies, the first two, Beginnings and Eternal, are recaps of the main series with minor adjustments to better fit in the last movie, being Rebellion. It’s ~6 hours of content. If elfen lied gets to you then madoka magica is about three times worse, although it depends on how strongly you’re able to empathize with the characters. Your choice.

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