Interpreting AI national villain stereotypes

AI interpretations of supervillains according to nationality.
You could probably have fun with this given your TV Tropes knowledge
Interesting that the Scot has the fencing sabre and not a big fuck off William Wallace sword
Clearly the whole thing is loaded with biases and assumptions, and this is AI’s current interpretation of TV tropes pertaining to racism and TV trope interpretation.
So there’s a lot to unpack here and I know you’re the guy.

– Patrick

I’d want to redo the list, with maybe the exception of Mexico. The Finland one is great but I don’t know their culture.
They don’t make much sense as villains from an internal perspective or external.
Like, if it were a villain as Americans see villains it would be a Nazi, and if it were a villain as non-Americans see America as a villain, it would be the CIA-industrial complex (i.e. Armstrong from Revengeance).
If it were a villain in the way Americans would LARP as villains in a humblebragging sort of way, then “nouveau riche” faux English industrialist could work. But that’s more aspirational.
Like Fussell says, the American upper middle class are huge anglophiles.
In fact, that’s the best summary of these. These are representations of how people flatter themselves that they’d be villains.
With Greece being the easiest example.

So it’s very internet.

Very Marvel.

I think the Turks would probably be pissed off that they’re goblins, but they’d probably be flattered by the mysterious dark Babylonian powers infered also.

Greece: “If I got pissed off and went evil I’d be in the gym every day gettin’ fuckin’ jacked amirite Vinnie.”
Note also: hairless body. Definitely aspirational.

And the Greeks would also be flattered to be enemies of the Babylon goblins, that’s just 300 right there.
I think Wales, Scotland and Nigeria are most intriguing.
Wales is clearly Arthurian Legend, Scotland’s one pertains to the depiction of the Marquis of Montrose in Rob Roy the movie (which is not true, the Marquis of Montrose was very based, a little effeminate, but in a Prince sort of way) and the Nigerian one seems to pertain to some sort of Atlantean spider matriarch.

Prompt: If I got super pissed I would become…
Japan: “Dark samurai, a being of pure discipline and will.”

The American one is just ‘Skull Knight as The Joker’ which is very Marvel.
But it is very Military Industrial Complex, so props for that.

Turkey: Descartes’s evil trickster, a creature of Byzantine machinations.
So the way to interpret this is to list all the flattering adjectives that could be used to describe the villain pictured, and that’s the nation’s answer to the prompt.

Agent of misfortune and syndicated activity.

USA: Rich. Classy. Gangster. Pragmatic. Probably a social Darwinist. Etc.

So what’s the Scottish one then? That one I don’t understand.
Because it makes sense to me, but in a roundabout and quite contextual way.


Youre right!
Very good!

I was joking, but I’m glad there was truth in it.
I see deadly precision, mostly.

I was reading all the way into it and you just looked at the SNP manifesto lol
That’s how we’re trained for sure

Single-minded focus, vengefulness.
Very blood feud vibes.

Yeah that’s about right.

Call it Nemesis for short.

Well anyway let’s discuss more on our next call. Because before the Thal server went quiet, AI was very much the chatter.
And in these pictures there’s a hell of a lot to unpack.

Yeah, I guess it feels obvious to me because of my thal privilege. We must unpack it all with autistic work ethic and bring this boon to the people.

Yeah there’s a whole plethora of AI bias here: from the info that’s being fed to it, to how it’s processing that info to show people what they think they want to see

This is what you get when an artist is playing to Likes, which is the same thing as training an AI.
The opposite of edifying.
Yup. Art is about being an artist first and foremost, and if AI usurps that, then God will smite humanity imo.
God is going to smite us all if we fuck this up. Big time.

But then, people in desperate search of wisdom can find it in a landfill.
Socrates said that.

And Diogenes lived that, I suppose.

I’m less enamored of hippies than you are, but there’s truth in it

And Socrates without Diogenes is like hamburgers without fries, or a bacon and egg with no juice, and we can’t have that.

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Maybe do this later?
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55 Responses to Interpreting AI national villain stereotypes

  1. Neandercel says:

    “I’m less enamored of hippies than you are, but there’s truth in it”

    I wouldn’t call Diogenes a hippie. He practiced an asceticism that would today be considered extreme outside of (and perhaps even within) a Catholic monastery. He was virtually celibate (although a masturbator), endured extremes of heat and cold without complaint, and would often go without food. He all but spat in the face of Philip II, which is a lot more ballsy than standing around with a ‘Nixon is a baby killer’ sign in the most liberal of liberal democracies.

    Aristotle was a suck-up and lackey of the Macedonian occupiers, Plato was a leisure class wannabe-dictator, and Seneca Minor and Marcus Aurelius lived in luxury but called themselves ‘stoics’. Diogenes was the OG of the bunch.

    • ShadoHand says:

      “Seneca Minor and Marcus Aurelius lived in luxury but called themselves ‘stoics’.”

      Which is why Stocism is bunk. Once you realize all the best Stoics are rich guys who can sequester themselves from everyone else, and throw money at their problems, it makes no sense to be a stoic unless you can do those two things. Reason being is that you will kill your ego when its unhealthy to do so, and be nonreactive when you should be reacting.

      Diogenes was The Man. We should all aspire to be him. If he were alive today theyd throw him a psych ward. As they would all these other great historical figures.

      P.s. Socrates was an insecure and anxious bisexual weirdo.

      • LOADED says:

        at least they contributed more than Aeoli ever could. that guy is a full-on idiot.

        never took advantage of his intelligence he has zero capacity to think in a meaningful form any more!

          • LOADED says:

            all your attitudes and beliefs are down the drain. they killed them.

            they killed you really!

            do you understand that everything you worked for has been thrown into the garbage can? you couldve achieved so much and brought beauty to this world but it ended with defeat!

            • ShadoHand says:

              Dont try to reason with him. Hes probably never even asked a female in a date.

              Well, hes not an incel hes a Volcel.

              Like seriously, why all this hate about men. Who cares if a guy isnt getting laid? I thought premarital sex was bad. A no go. Yet you have a bunch of Christians hating on Incels. Its nuts. So totally nuts.

          • LOADED says:

            look at the metaphysical state of this Universe. its been destroyed. its been desecrated for the good of only a small group of people.

            the rest have adapted in a way that lets them be hedonists lets them destroy and desecrate everything good!

            there is no value in this Universe. on this planet. if you wish to change it then you have to do a lot better because at this point its almost irreversible.

        • LOADED says:

          are you not guilty of this Aeoli or are you going to wallow in your own misery? if youre a leader you will unite leaders and do magnificent things with your gifts but if you are not a leader relinquish your passions and let them wash away!

      • Neandercel says:

        “Diogenes was The Man. We should all aspire to be him.”

        Diogenes was a certified Real Ass Dude.

        “Which is why Stocism is bunk.”

        It’s cynicism for geldings. Julian the Apostate considered the cynics to be the real stoics.

        “If he were alive today theyd throw him a psych ward”

        That’s a good touchstone for determining someone’s worth today. If they call you a fanatic or a madman, there’s a good chance you have a spine.

  2. LOADED says:

    my influence>>>>>>your influence Aeoli! :)

  3. MM says:

    >bacon and egg with no juice, and we can’t have that.

    nooooooooo dont drink the sugar thats what the bacteria want u to do

  4. ShadoHand says:


    Jesus was a hippie. He probably smelled too. I mean living in the levant during the summer without air conditioning, modern showers, and no endocrine disruptor filled soap ment he smelled. Probably really ranky too. Plus he had an all natural grass fed organic diet. Thats as hippie as it gets.

  5. furor kek tonicus ( wanting to stick your dick in something doesn't make you "good" ) says:

    uh, i’d say the Turk is drawing on historical conceptualizations of djinn ( even though that should be Arabic, it gets to Turkey through Islam ). further the POV is from above the Turk, but that actually gives no indication of size so i don’t know why you guys are characterizing it as a “goblin” which is almost universally small.
    the Scots one plays on their Pictish heritage combined with a male version of a banshee. i understand the complaint about not being a “William Wallace sword”, but even amongst the Scots a two-hander claymore wasn’t that common as the term “claymore” was also used contemporaneously for a one-handed basket hilt blade. obviously, the outsized variant would draw a lot more attention than one of his smaller cousins.
    the US one looks like a Joker variant to me. and, given our outrageously hypocritical foreign policy and penchant for “police actions” and starting wars, could there be any villain more fitting than the one who just “wants to watch the world burn”?
    i note with wry amusement that the black is the only female permitted to be attractive / without major disfigurement.
    i also note a lot of repetition in posing, that square to the viewer pose with arms hanging slack is odd.
    ps – why is this supposed to be AI generated, rather than just a slick marketing gimmick from a tricksy “artist” to get people hooked into his oeuvre? i mean, he’s plastered his name all over every picture.

    • ShadoHand says:

      `wanting to stick your dick in something doesn’t make you “good” `

      Ive stuck my dick in hot women youd never get a chance with in 1000 lifetimes, and turned down more dilletantes youve ever been offered and heres the thing: They didnt want to commit. Apprantly, being good is a bad thing. Looking like a pretty boy, but thinking like a Grown Adult Man is bad.

      I was into homesteading before it was cool too, and it was called hippie dippie bullshit. Now all the cool kids are doing it so its cool. And yes I own the books. Some even teach you how to build your own house.

      And spare me your shtick about no premaritial sex. Yes its sacreligious, but none of these women are going to marry you if you have no experience. And all these women would have made fine wives, but no cant have that in The Boomer Shitstain known as The USA. They knew how to cook too. All of them. And yes these Boomers know full well what they are doing and did. And its time we start giving them their commupences. If you havent yet go tell a Boomer off.

      And yes I will blame others. Its not “weak” when they are to blame. Anything else is just someone enforcing toxic individualism.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        > And spare me your shtick about no premaritial sex. Yes its sacreligious, but none of these women are going to marry you if you have no experience.

        I’ve been warned about this and it appears to be true. Women want a man with a notch count higher than their own, and we’ve all seen the charts.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          Should say >= not >, but it comes out to the same when girls are averaging N=4.

          • ShadoHand says:

            `same when girls are averaging N=4`

            Mines higher than that. Off the top of my head. Its at ten. Should be higher but I love our lord. Ive turned down more puss than anyone I know IRL. Im pretty boy so the ladies like me. But I dont think like one. I think like a man.

            Now I wont have sex with a women until Im married now, or sure shes the one Im going to marry.

            I havent had any sexual contact since I got a free BJ in 2017, and avoid it. Its immoral. Lust is my problem because of my High T.

            Its a weird feeling to know they just view you as a blow up doll.

      • furor kek tonicus ( proud to have a foreign policy that keeps Hunter's nose candied ) says:

        took that a bit personally, did we?
        just so’s you know, that tag line was meant to be directed at QUEERS and their fixation on turning everything they want to stick their dick in into a moral obligation that you approve of it for everyone else in society.
        but hey, if the shoes fit, you should wear them.

  6. LOADED says:

    do you ever wonder how i accomplished so much at the age of 27? i made it so far into the Great Beyond.

    grandiosity is not something i examine often but this would not be an example of it even if i were trolling.

  7. ShadoHand says:

    Well, look at this. More evidence and proof its a Pseudoscientific Religion. If you still believe in it nothing you say or do can be taken seriously.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      You say that as if pseudoscience and religion are bad.

      • ShadoHand says:

        Religion as we have it in the modern world is bad. I.e. Churchianity. And the Religion thing means its Unconstitutional by way of The First Amendment and The Copyright Clause. But then again nobody cares about that because `MuH eXpErTs!`

        • Neandercel says:

          Psychiatrists are the only ‘private professionals’ with the power to jail and drug people on a whim. A Catholic priest would sooner suffer martyrdom than reveal anything told to him in confession, but a shrink will sell you out in court.

          “Religion as we have it in the modern world is bad.”

          I remember someone making the case that Nietzsche could be read as a (very) radical Lutheran. I’m not really sold on that idea but I can see how certain Protestants might find it appealing.

      • Neandercel says:

        Aeoli, I’m really curious about your precise religious beliefs. I haven’t formally converted to Catholicism because (1) I have serious doubts about the historicity of much of the Old Testament (and small parts of the NT) and (2) I don’t think I could live up to it.

        Do you think that someone can be a Christian and doubt that the Exodus or Noah’s flood really took place? How much of the OT can one allegorize before one is just another secular ‘admirer’ of Christ?

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          The Gospel is the litmus test for me. If your sins have been forgiven, you’re a Christian. Like most, I’d recommend Mere Christianity for the question.

          I have doubts about the canonicity of the post-exile books, and Esther in particular, but I’d discourage attempts at DIY canons because it’s a massive undertaking and the original people doing it weren’t dumb or ignorant. This isn’t to say I believe the post-exile books aren’t literally true, I’m fairly certain the events of Esther happened as presented. There’s also a risk of allegorizing as a habit because it’s easier* than real history, and if you allegorize Jesus away then you’re falling into the Gnostic heresy and can’t have your sins forgiven. What it comes down to is whether it matters if you’re wrong about something. If you or I am wrong about interpreting Revelations, does it matter? No, unless that error leads us to commit other sins like slaughtering Palestinians to immanentize the eschaton. Wrong about the flood? Probably even less relevant.

          We should strive to be correct for its own sake but be humble about our abilities. If you have more specific questions I’ll get to them as time allows.

          • Aeoli Pera says:

            *Easier, like poetry, to do it poorly and never be disabused of your confidence. In reality it’s harder to do well, but there will be more charlatans afoot.

            • LOADED says:

              aeoli you hate it when i ask you questions. although the questioning and probing mind is all that is necessary to accomplish some end goal.

          • Neandercel says:

            “The Gospel is the litmus test for me.”

            I think that’s perfectly reasonable. My difficulty is that the Gospels seem to presuppose the strict historicity of the major OT events and figures. They form a historical and narrative arc that can’t be broken at any point without compromising the whole (or so I believe).

            “. . . but I’d discourage attempts at DIY canons because it’s a massive undertaking and the original people doing it weren’t dumb or ignorant.”

            I agree completely. Marcion’s canon is a good early example of how badly wrong this pick-and-choose approach can go.

            “There’s also a risk of allegorizing as a habit because it’s easier* than real history, and if you allegorize Jesus away then you’re falling into the Gnostic heresy and can’t have your sins forgiven. ”

            Indeed. I generally dislike allegorical readings unless they can be traced back to the early church.

            “What it comes down to is whether it matters if you’re wrong about something.”

            I’m inclined to agree with this with the caveat that nothing in holy writ can be unimportant (although it’s presumably not all equally important).

            “We should strive to be correct for its own sake but be humble about our abilities.”

            Humility is also an epistemic virtue.

        • furor kek tonicus ( the one and only Dilettante Omega ) says:

          regards #1
          do Exodus or the ( worldwide ) Flood not happening invalidate your flawed and sinful nature?
          do Exodus or the ( worldwide ) Flood not happening invalidate God subjecting Himself to sacrifice on the cross to enable your salvation?
          regards #2
          live up too? Paul himself, AFTER he was acclaimed one of the Apostles, deprecated himself as the Chief of sinners.

          we are flawed. the world is not merely flawed, this material Earth is the dominion of Lucifer. there will be temptations AND you will be prone to succumbing to them, just as all of us are.
          OUR perfection ( in this life ) is an aspiration, not an expectation.

  8. ShadoHand says:

    `characteristics of a pretty boy?`

    Blonde hair, blue eyes, facial symmetry, and takes care of themselves. Ectomorph body type. Cowlicks in hair. Im this naturally. What Tex would call the Amud. With a Five head its even more pronounced.

    Some chick, A quarter-rican, commented on the cowlicks years ago when I had her cut my hair for me. She offered, she liked guys with buzz cuts. Great female friend.

    Think of Leonardo Dicaprio in his late twenties.

  9. ShadoHand says:

    Aeoli, is this your brother?

  10. ShadoHand says:

    Confirmed this is Aeolis brother.

  11. LOADED says:

    it discriminates based on browser history. but yeah my parents are a fucked up people man!

    that generation was so evil. they had no morals and degraded everything for the Shadow.

    • ShadoHand says:

      `that generation was so evil. they had no morals and degraded everything for the Shadow.`

      Who Boomers? I find it funny everyone is quick to defend them. Like have you read or not?

      A lot of our collective issues could solved by, well going extremely low contact, or straight up no contact with Boomers. Like every single one.

      The big hang up is people ascribe to this narrative that they need to be forgiven. Uh, no they dont. They literally feel entitled to boss everyone around, and treat us like dirt. They dont need lifelines.

      And the funnything is all their arguments against this always devolve into cliches about how we are snowflakes, sensitive, need to get over it etc. Well I hate to be the one to break it to people, but Boomers are narcs and cause impossible and unsolvable problems.

      And they dont relent, and its impossible to use the necessary tactics against them because they often times are in positions of power, or have extremely potent iotas of power.

      The most insane part is its 2023 and people are still ignorant about this. Boomers are the root cause. Sure maybe theres a few good ones, but even they are toxic, so….

      The worst part is they somehow have a preternatural ability to target the Millenials who can see right through them. Ive seen it multiple times. Its nuts.

      I think the big satanic lie is that Millenials are snowflakes. We are not. Its been spread so much because we have the manpower to stop the boomers overnight. Literally. We outnumber them if we team up with Generation X. The problem is Gen X also hates Millenials.

      Theres a Millenial Derangement Syndrome. Its a legit illness.

    • Neandercel says:


      It’s up to us to at least try to do what they couldn’t.

  12. LOADED says:

    do i remind you of a roman or egyptian emperor or great person in history Aeoli? we talked about reincarnation a bit and i was wondering what your take on that would be!

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Reincarnation doesn’t real. IMO it’s a vague sense of how genetics works.

      • LOADED says:

        im related to some of the most diverse and qualified people to live i guess.

        you know im related to King Richard III? and many other historical figures as well!

        but loosely.

        i have the widest network of cousins and relatives in the world cuz i be seein wypipo pop up nigga

      • ShadoHand says:

        `IMO it’s a vague sense of how genetics works.`

        Yep. I mean Reincarnation is against Christian Dogma. So what we are seeing is genetic memories. Or glimpses into our mind trying to piece together information our genes are giving us and forming a picture in our mind.

        All my memories of say a past life are from when I was small child. Now its most likely more pronounced when we are younger. When we are old, probably comes up under stress or during deep relaxation and in different ways.

        This would explain why peoples dreams sometimes tell them things.

        This doesnt explain precog dreams though. Past lives yes, but precognition from genes? NO.

        The only thing I can think of is the brain becoming super relaxed, or stressed, and someone envisioning all possible scenarios playing out and somehow picking the right one. However, thats impossible, due to the miniscule details one sees in them. The only True explanation is that, well, you literally are seeing the future.

        I would love to stimulate this with flotation tanks and play the stock market with the information gleaned.

        • LOADED says:

          im a melon pharaoh man! im some royalty figure who couldnt convince the others to let him do his part.


  13. LOADED says:

    reincarnation can be real Aeoli. but i dont believe in anything after this life.

    my nihilistic tendencies kick in and i realize all the evil in this world and i stop believing!

    • LOADED says:

      if i lived in the Victorian Era what type of person would i be regarded as? i judge people based on scenarios from past examples of historical moral judgments to gain access to better streamline ability to thought process.

      ya dig?

      • LOADED says:

        what sports would i have excelled at?

      • ShadoHand says:

        `Victorian Era`

        We really need to bring this back. Like pronto. Like yesterday.

        I bet life moved slower too. No cellphones, no computers. When you left work no way to be attached to it. You only had like one, two ,or a few suits. Nobody cared about stuff “smelling” cause no air conditioners.

        People were probably nicer. No mass brainwashing of the masses. Even if there was, no calling people conspiracy theorists. A living wage was standard. Women knew there place.

        I got called out once IRL for thinking it was still 1850. Americans truely are a worthless bunch. Everyone knows life has gotten worse. Yet one someone suggests “Hey maybe we should go back to the old ways.” Everyone freaks out about it and loses their minds like a petulant little girl.

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