More pieces, again

As M0 progresses in a wealthy society, natural selection has already been on standby for several generations. This breeds decadence and declination from previous ideal forms and general intelligence due to mutation accumulation. This leads to my observations on disposition toward weakness from the three primary edenic races.

Thals: Attitude is observation and tentative acceptance. If Ur-Gore is maldeveloped, this is observed and stated aloud (“It is observable by all of us that this person is broken”) and efforts are made to help him, and he is generally not treated poorly. However, he may be sent on the cold walk if he becomes a liability the tribe cannot afford. In any case, he is not allowed to breed.

Cros: Attitude is malicious, contemptuous, and sadistic. Accepted expression of these social urges ranges from status whoring and wealth displays to bullying, kicking prone opponents and torturing/murdering defenseless children and helpless hospital patients. Because cro magnon is a poor blend of thal and sapiens resulting in no amygdala, we may conclude that narcissism is a cro thing. (Not to be confused with their hatred for superior people, and the schadenfreude of pulling them back into the crab bucket.)

Melons: Attitude is contemptuous, opportunistic exploitation. Melons feel an innate desire to breed and support weaker populations because their manipulative social instincts always scale up to larger groups. Because he believes (reasonably) that he will always be on top of the pyramid charging rent and distributing resources, more slaves means a bigger pyramid. They prefer to breed the best among themselves (in the family, as it were) and the worst among their slave classes. It doesn’t matter if the slaves outnumber them a million to one (except that it does, due to emotional distance and perception of power- leading to slave revolts) because melons deserve to rule huge civilizations by divine right.

Got it? Melons are the proper sociopaths and cros are the narcissists (sapiens are the proper psychopaths, as in high time-preference violent criminals). The initial creation of cro magnon had the largest braincase of any modern(ish) hominid (thal brain mashed together with homo sapiens’ giant frontal lobe), leading to the agricultural revolution (and the grain diet), but this couldn’t last because a society of narcissists led by sociopaths will invariably accumulate weakness through mutation accumulation, hence the general brain shrinkage since 40K BC.

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4 Responses to More pieces, again

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  4. 990 0g says:

    “because melons deserve to rule huge civilizations by divine right.”

    Oh, come on, you were carried away by … racial antipathy there.

    They feel they deserve to rule when they realize the intellectual gulf between their type and the others…

    Also, their subject’s gratitude for being ruled instead of having to face the frightening tribulations of self-rule reinforces their idea that they deserve to rule.

    Nothing wrong about it, as long as it’s the human species we are talking about, if you ask me.

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