The hormonal trinities of Alpha and Beta

Here’s a clue: We’re sight-hunters but women are bloodhounds. Doesn’t really matter all that much how much money you have, how you look, any of those material factors. Those, interesting eyes, the ability to sing, only get you in a position for what does matter. What matters most is how you smell to them. I joke, well, half joke, about them having little DNA analyzers in with their pituitaries, which analyzers tell them if your genes and their genes make for acceptable or superior babies. It’s close enough to true to run with it. Doesn’t matter either if they’re interested at the moment in having babies. If you smell right, you’re in.

Tom Kratman
Comment on Dating market value test results

Tom’s instincts are half-right, theoretically imprecise while effectively actionable (which, for reasons I don’t quite understand, is what I’d expect from a predator):

I apologize for not having the sources to site for this, but I can remember reading case studies on the bio-chemical effect of human sexual interaction doing grad work in college. I believe they were done by Dr. Martie Hasselton, but they outlined the endorphin and hormonal profiles present in healthy adults bloodstream’s while in various phases of attraction, arousal, pre-sex and post-sex interaction between couples. The most dramatic one to look up is the similarities in the chemical properties of dopamine and heroin for people experiencing “love” or “infatuation” depending on who’s doing the study.

Even more fascinating is the effects hormones play on portions of men’s brains when assessing sexual cues in a potential sex partner. Healthy testosterone levels literally causes men to perceive women as sexual objects; stimulating the same portions of our brains used for cognitive problem solving. However, testosterone is mitigated by oxytocin, the hormone secreted just post orgasm. While testosterone is responsible for sex drive and aggressive impulses (not to mention muscular development, deepening of voice and hair growth), oxytocin is linked to feelings of nurturing, trust, and comfort. Oxytocin is believed to be a primary influence in post-sex, and post pregnancy, emotional attachment in women who produce the hormone in much higher amounts than men. Postpartum depression is actually a withdrawal symptom triggered by the decrease in oxytocin (and progesterone) in post-birth women. The effect of post-orgasm oxytocin in men is similar to women, however in men it is also serves as a buffering agent to heightened dopamine and testosterone levels.

Oxytocin plays a critical part in regulating a man’s testosterone levels. Just post-orgasm, the human body flushes oxytocin into the bloodstream to balance out the endorphin and dopamine high of sexual arousal. While this hormone promotes feelings of trust and comfort in men, it also serves to ‘calm the guy down’ sexually. Oxytocin is a testosterone buffer in men, thus resulting in you going limp for a while after busting a nut. From an evolutionary perspective this makes sense in that it ensures the sperm deposited stays in a woman’s vagina, thus increasing fertility odds, instead of being shoveled out by a still erect penis. Not only that, but oxytocin serves as a ‘pair bonding’ hormone in that it fosters feelings of protective trust in men. Oxytocin discharge in humans is also triggered by pheromonal and environmental prompts.

In addition to all of this, there’s the role that pheromones play in regard to sexual attraction and arousal. You can google these, but there are several pheromonal studies that indicate that men with differing scents from those of women tend to attract opposite scents in women. From an evolutionary perspective the conclusion drawn is one that people of similar genus or genotype (i.e. blood related family members) will be less aroused sexually by persons of the their own genotype, thus ensuring biodiversity (nature’s prevention plan against inbreeding). However in the same “sweaty t-shirt” studies, the perspiration of men with higher testosterone levels were deemed more sexually viable or arousing by women than men with lower T levels.

You can attribute whatever legitimacy you want to studies like this, but the evidence points to higher testosterone levels as playing an influential part in sexual attraction. Also bear in mind that pheromones influence women living in close proximity to each other to synchronize their menstrual cycles – another evolutionary mechanism believed to ensure fertility and communal support for social animals.

The Pheromonal Beta

From a bio-mechanical perspective, the indication is that men who consistently masturbate are essentially broadcasting their status as Pheromonal Betas – and women’s bio-chemical mechanics subconsciously registers this for them. Higher testosterone males manifest their sexual viability in both sexual assertiveness and scent. If you are chronically depleted of testosterone, and/or subjected to the calming effects of oxytocin your sexual viability is at a disadvantage. In fact, from an evolutionary standpoint, the beta males of our feral hunter-gatherer beginnings would be more prone to masturbation as a sexual release since, theoretically, they would’ve had less access to breeding opportunities than Alpha males. It would then follow that definitive, subconscious behavioral and chemical cues would evolve to aid females in selecting the best mate for parental investment.

Rollo Tomassi
The Pheromonal Beta

Memorize these.

The Holy Trinity of WINNING

  1. Serotonin
  2. Testosterone
  3. Dopamine

(Ed: Lol, the acronym is “STD”.)

The Unholy Trinity of Masturbation

  1. Octopamine
  2. Estrogen
  3. Oxytocin

(The Out-of-Sight Monad of Omega)

  1. Cortisol

Just as it’s easy to wreck your baseline hormonal profile, there are easy steps you can take to improve it. Women can smell your max deadlift. Eat broccoli to sop up the estrogens poisoning your system. Go to bed early and wake up at the same time every morning to raise your serotonin. Et cetera et cetera.

Jordan Peterson has a lot to add on this. First, the summarized version:

That chapter is titled “Stand up straight with your shoulders back” and counsels readers to learn to stand up for themselves by, metaphorically speaking, embracing their inner lobster. The lobster, Peterson argues, shares many of the same neurological structures as its human cousin, especially those areas of the brain concerned with social hierarchies. Studies show that lobsters who lose enough fights (inter-lobster conflict being common on the ocean floor) and therefore lose their social status, stop producing serotonin, which leads to deep depression.

In other words, lobsters, like humans, become clinically depressed as they tumble down the social hierarchy. The lesson derived by Peterson is the need to change your self-destructive habits and take control of your life, thereby improving your social status and brain chemistry.

This does not mean joining a lobster-style fight club. Peterson draws on reams of studies to show that fundamental changes to personal habits such as sleep and exercise schedules can dramatically improve serotonin levels, thereby increasing the chance of personal success and fulfillment.

Jordan Peterson on embracing your inner lobster in 12 Rules for Life
The Star

That said, if anyone tries to give you SSRIs, politely say no and slowly back away from the FBI agent.

And now the long version, straight from Peterson’s book.

2018-02-15 08_24_37-12 Rules for Life_ An Antidote to Chaos - Jordan Peterson - Google Books - Pale

2018-02-15 08_24_48-12 Rules for Life_ An Antidote to Chaos - Jordan Peterson - Google Books - Pale

2018-02-15 08_25_01-12 Rules for Life_ An Antidote to Chaos - Jordan Peterson - Google Books - Pale2018-02-15 08_25_19-12 Rules for Life_ An Antidote to Chaos - Jordan Peterson - Google Books - Pale2018-02-15 08_25_39-12 Rules for Life_ An Antidote to Chaos - Jordan Peterson - Google Books - Pale

2018-02-15 08_26_07-12 Rules for Life_ An Antidote to Chaos - Jordan Peterson - Google Books - Pale

2018-02-15 08_26_37-12 Rules for Life_ An Antidote to Chaos - Jordan Peterson - Google Books - Pale

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10 Responses to The hormonal trinities of Alpha and Beta

  1. Boneflour says:

    The “escalating dominance display into ritual combat into actual killing combat” is everywhere, man. Might be the foundation of honor.

    Also why shit like this is so viscerally appalling:

    It’s like poisoning your classmates to get top grade in your class. Win the game by destroying the purpose of the game = BAD TIME

  2. Tom Kratman says:

    Welllll….actually, rather than being half right, my instincts, qua instincts, at least based on the pieces cited, down to and including sweaty t-shirts, appear to be nigh unto 100% right.

    However, they’re not really instincts; they’re observations of a not especially small sampling of how females act and react. Now, why they act and react as they do to smells we could argue about. I can see the testosterone argument, to a degree. But it’s only ‘to a degree’ because different women will react very differently to the same guy, where his testosterone isn’t changing from woman to woman. One might say, in counter, “Well…different menstrual cycles.” That, however, fails when we’re talking about a group of military women, living in close quarters, hence on the same cycle, who will still react differently to the same guy. And, yes, I’ve seen it and, yes, been, so to speak, a subject of it.

    Subject of it…Guantanamo, 91/92 for the Haitian internment. I was there as adjutant of the battalion running the camps. It’s an odd place; among the US personnel, the female percentage is or was under 10%, and a good chunk of those are married, so available women are at a terrible premium. Add in the percentage of very alpha males, combat arms officers, yes, of which I was one, but also navy and marine fighter/attack pilots, beyond which there is probably no more arrogant a group. Despite these things, and despite what one would expect to be competition, I was never hit on by women so much in my life. I can recall overhearing two of Navy pilots discussing me in the O club, and one saying to the other, “Yeah, he’s a dick, but he gets a lot of pussy.” (This, by the way, was not true. I could have had a lot of women, some of them very attractive, indeed, but I was, after all, married, and, besides, the hunt is more important than the kill.) Over and above the competition, moreover, I had quit smoking after the first gulf war (the oil fires and smoke had done a damndamn on my lungs; they needed a rest) and put on 42 pounds of pure lard. (I was in Special Operations Command; it wasn’t lack of PT.) Excess tubbiness, I believe reduces testosterone. I should not have been attracting women in that state, and still almost had to beat them off with a stick.

    So all those factors, together, leave me at least a bit dubious about the utter and absolute significance of hormones, to include testosterone.

  3. spigot says:

    Stupid scientism. You should focus directly on behaviours rather than their hormonal proxies. If you actually took the nonsense on these “youtube success channels” seriously your ideal man would be a bodybuilder in a leopard skin loincloth who spends all his time eating broccoli and worrying frantically what women will think of him. Machismo is for women. Pussy obsession is what produced the snake-worshipping matriarchies of Neolithic Europe. The only claim to authority here is turgid writing strewn with jargon and cursing so people can feel like they’re big boys. I’d be dubious about the utter and absolute significance of a not especially small sampling of how females act and react too.

    • Tom Kratman says:

      Well, every theory has to start somewhere; mine and Peterson’s are that they’re driven by smell. I suspect it’s at least somewhat, but possibly more than somewhat, DNA based; he thinks hormones. Though he doesn’t say it, both of us probably agree that material factors are less important than, say, Chateau Heartiste would insist.

      One of the things the smell theory does explain is the woman, married to someone with all the right SMV markers, having an affair with the impoverished pool boy, say.

      • Mycroft Jones says:

        DNA based… I agree with you more than Peterson on this. So did Anton Lavey; he even wrote an essay about it. Sometimes even the devil can speak truth (Anton Lavey founded the Church of Satan in San Francisco)

    • Tom Kratman says:

      Oh, and “not especially small” means “actually fairly large.”

  4. Just Call Me Fishmail Again says:

    Don’t overdo the broccoli, you’ll get loaded up on thallium.

    Also, if you do decide to go for a bit more broccoli, soil matters: broccoli (and all other Brassica plants) can suck up thallium in the soil, including any isotopes of thallium.

    Eating some cheap broccoli grown near Hanford is pretty much an awful idea. :-)

    Have some research while we’re at it:

    LaCoste C, Robinson B, Brooks R, Journal of Plant Nutrition, “Uptake of thallium by vegetables: its significance for human health, phytoremediation, and phytomining”, 2001

    “The toxic effects of thallium on humans are linked partly to the readiness whereby Tl+ substitutes for K+ as an activator of some reactions catalyzed by enzymes. The monovalent thallium ion has an especial affinity for SH- [sulfhydryl] groups and can cause disorders of metabolic or energy processes in cells of animals.”

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