Lacan’s Big Other, autism, high intelligence

Alex McNabb has another fantastic article out. But aside from the original point of it, I’m going to use a couple of well-summarized paragraphs to go out on a tangent:

Jacques Lacan has a concept called “The Big Other” which is basically just referring to the idea that there is some kind of external standard or formal expectation that you must comport with. I would describe it as the vague sense that you gotta be in line with various legal, cultural and societal norms, as if there’s some ethereal presence constantly observing you. This is likely a prerequisite for building complex societies and might help explain why white folks experience more stress than the blissfully ignorant African race.

The Big Other is the reason you feel like you’ve got to have a marriage license, a current car inspection, and must “keep up appearances” even if no one is watching.

In short, I don’t have this. This idea helps me to understand a lot of my personal history, which consists of being disabused of my social naivete, which was itself driven by social heedlessness. My strategy, if you can call it that with a straight face, was to be technically competent and sincere, and other people would put up with nonconformity for access to someone who could solve their problems. Conformity to the Big Other is an extraordinary amount of mental work, taking up 95-99% of most people’s brain cycles, and they’re driven to do it such that the competition is fierce to the point of diminishing returns. If my decision had been conscious, I might have said something like “think of the savings if we all just cooperate instead!”

Obviously that sounds stupid to an older person, but we make decisions like this in puberty when a bit of idealism can be forgiven. Again, the short story is that I learned oversocialized people (read: women and therefore the men who want to be around them) would rather live in a mud hut in war-torn Africa than around someone who doesn’t take the trouble to minimally conform to the Big Other, which means you’re homeless and penniless.

There exists a probably true notion that nowadays it is harder for Aspergoid individuals to find and hold a job than in the 1940s when Asperger wrote his paper. Since the 1960s, Western societies have undergone significant feminization, and men are now required to behave like women in many respects: to be “team players”, to have “communication skills”, to work in “office gardens” instead of having a room of their own, to talk about “emotions”, to possess “E.Q.”, to “multi-task”, and so on. Such expectations are detrimental for this type, and what in the past would have fallen within the normal variance of personality now becomes a social and professional handicap. The blessings of feminism may be putting ever more potentially creative achievers in the disabled category, thus as it were castrating society’s source of progress.

A side effect of grinding poverty is you’re automatically out of compliance with government regulations, so now you have collections agencies of the Devouring Matron breathing down your neck for this or that. It’s very expensive to be poor, especially in America. And all because no one ever sat you down and told you that people buy car insurance because it’s illegal to drive without it. You’re just supposed to care so much about compliance that you find these things out on your own. I don’t think I knew about filing taxes until I was 22. As my sister in law once said, “I’ve never met anybody like you. You refuse to do anything unless someone takes the time to figure out why and then explain it to you.”

To add a nuance to this, it’s become clear that the Big Other resides in my mind as it does in anyone else’s. Having decided to learn how to conform because this is required to be allowed to do literally anything in adult life, I’ve developed social graces from perhaps 20th percentile to above the 80th percentile, though obviously still well below what IQ would predict. It’s not that I lacked social instincts and intuitions, it’s that I never bothered to consult them because it didn’t seem important. For lack of practice, they remained childishly undeveloped until I embarked on my grand dream quest of figuring out what the hell was wrong with me. In the ten-year process of reading about new ideas like the bell curve and Asperger’s, elements of common sense emerged that can only have come from the collective unconscious, as they do in any 100-IQ neurotypical by the end of puberty.

To wit, aspies could conform as well as anyone, the entirety of the syndrome is they don’t feel driven to.

No formal tests resulting in I.Q. or other quantitative scores were conducted because of the problems in communication with the children, and their unwillingness or inability to direct attention to the test administrator and perform requested tasks. Instead, selected subtests were used to examine, observe, the children’s modes of problem-solving and other aspects of their personalities and disorders. It was observed they did best on tasks that allowed spontaneous production (as opposed to following instructions), in particular on problems that require one to recognize and think in abstract concepts, such as problems that ask for the difference between for instance a ladder and stairs. On the whole they appeared to be abstract thinkers by nature, and the quality of their spontaneous production in some cases revealed they were years ahead of their biological age, despite poor school performance.

Also, they displayed a remarkable originality in thinking and experiencing; in the best cases this originality bordered on genius, in less able subjects it was deviant rather than original, far removed from reality and without much relevance or value.

It too became clear that the children were not inclined to accept knowledge from adults, teachers, to learn and automate skills according to instruction. They could only be original. As a result, a possible I.Q. based on their (good) performance on logical-abstract tests would overstate their school performance.

Having come to understand the Big Other, I actually feel a small sense of aversion to it. The more I understand people, the less sympathetic I become. Especially when we’re talking about the things they can’t control, like their genetics and tastes. To be quite frank, they need Jesus. It’s still an effort of will to not just be squatting in the middle of nowhere on land I don’t own, it’s just that I’ve already tried that life strategy and learned that no, people are never going to just leave other people alone. Life is a lifelong competition, to the death, and the competition doesn’t go away when you ignore it any more than pretending to be race-blind makes race go away.

These concerns are not unique to the autistic.

There is controversy about how isolated the profoundly gifted person is, with an IQ around 180. Some researchers believe that the greater gap is bridged by the greater ability to connect; Webb suggests otherwise, saying that children with an IQ above 170 feel like they don’t fit in anywhere. He asks what the effects would be if a normal child grew up in a world where most people had an IQ of 50-55. Some profoundly gifted have discussed the feeling that there’s an instruction manual to life that everyone but them has.

This could be ascribed to the higher incidence of autistic traits in the higher ranges of IQ as often noted by Dutton (perhaps confounded by ordinary masculinization), but I believe there’s a more essentially true cause:

They seem completely average and without any psychosocial aberrations whatsoever. If there is one thing I have learnt through joining the Giga Society it is this: The very most intelligent people are the only normal people; the rest are degenerates, failures, and deviants. The highest range of I.Q. is the default state of human being. It is how we are meant to be.

-Paul Cooijmans, from one of his novels (H/T saladboy)

If you still think normal people are basically good at the end of 2021, it’s because you’re exerting an effort of will to remain a useless fuckwit, presumably because either you think the people will rise up emergently with the courage of their convictions and you can be safely lost in the crowd, or you think no one will want to genocide you if you’re agreeable and harmless. The trouble is that the Big Other is a bad person, and normies worship it because they’re bad people. Which we could have learned by opening the Bible to a random page and reading for five minutes instead of writing whatever the hell this was for an hour.

Oh, and since I wasn’t able to shoehorn this in anywhere, I should mention that Leviathan, Lacan’s Big Other, and the octopus lady who serves as the muse for Alchemists in Overwatch Theory are the same thing.

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22 Responses to Lacan’s Big Other, autism, high intelligence

  1. what says:

    >Leviathan, Lacan’s Big Other, and the octopus lady

    It’s the collective will to power of the Nietzschean master consuming them, but instead of the autistic’s version, of a unified perspective which negates the presence of the Other, it’s the individualized notion of distinct wills acting in a way that is incommensurate with the whole. In comparison to a pool, whose depth depends on the combined intellect of the group, the individualized will is a pile of debris, which is then sorted and made ethereal by those with the greatest, and therefore most righteous wills.

    The Other is the realization of the limitation of perspective, that an animated object called a man is a distinct will that acts against, and understands, the world in a way that is not consistent with one’s own, and that just as they are on object, so are you an object in their perspective. Or, it’s empathy.

    The Leviathan is consumed by the Nitzchean slave.

    >The trouble is that the Big Other is a bad person, and normies worship it because they’re bad people

    Inverted, the Other is a bad person because the average person is a bad person. Which answers why, just as a psychopath is made more effective with the knowledge of psychology, a normalfag is made even more dangerous given the knowledge of his own limitations. Which is how we arrived to the modern age.

  2. what says:

    Also unironically ban me, or trash any post I make on sight. This blog has suddenly captured my obsession and there are more productive obsessions to cultivate elsewhere.

  3. California Nights says:

    This is the best poast you’ve yet written.

    I sometimes wonder if a small ND/SD/MN/IA town plus a conservative church – thinking specifically LCMS at this point- would have saved spergy individuals such as myself from a childhood of utter fuckery.

    My family have relatives spread out amongst small towns in ND/SD/MN, and I recall thinking (as much as that is possible before one really ‘learns’ to think) that many of the old-school silent generation guys – German/Scandi descended salt-of-the-earth LCMS types – ‘felt’ similar to me. They had that slow, stilted, slightly awkward way of talking (with intent, though I didn’t consider it that way at the time) and a whole range of small OCD behaviors that didn’t strike me as odd at that time. Small towns in the upper Midwest are eccentric by nature, I believe for the reason that they are slightly-aspie on the whole.

    The hardest thing to admit, is that I hated these people when I was a child, despite all of that. That’s a long story, though. Class and character issues.

    I don’t poast much, this is the first time I’ve commented on anything in years.

  4. The Bible is mostly wrong. Jesus himself corrects the record via medium James Padgett.

    The Secret Second Coming: What If the Church Got It Wrong

    Cosmology fits with Ra’s Law of One

    And Sasquatch:

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      > The Bible is mostly wrong.

      Hot take!

      • Obadiah says:

        I used to believe in half-baked, strange, and even somewhat silly things like “believing in the Word of God”, “salvation through God’s Grace”, “believing that the basic foundational text of Christianity is not false”, etc.

        But now the Serpochink scales have fallen from my Aldebaran-engineered ocular organs. Now I see through a holoscreen, brightly, that the real esoteric truth of everything actually resides in a random website that features a lot of pics of various stock photo models who have been lightly touched up such that they resemble an ‘alien race of the week’ on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

        The realms of men must find their courage and strength once again… and we just can’t make that happen with quaint and foolish notions such as “trusting in the Lord with all your heart, not leaning on your own understanding”, “service to God through worship”, etc. These things are misguided. They’re strange. Frankly, they’re even a little bit stupid.

        Therefore, let this be the hour we draw plasma swords together. For Sasquatch Elder Kamooh!

        I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the 4th density vibration of me. A day may come when the courage of the positive-density aligned races fails. When we forsake our Sasquatch friends, and break all galactic vibrational bonds. But today is not that day!

        Arise, arise, star-travelers of Aldebaran! Negative-karmic deeds awake, plasma beam fire and slaughter! Ion cannons will be shaken, deflector shield systems will be splintered! A plasma sword day, a purple* day–ere the galactic center rises! Let us FTL travel to the Primeverdant Ur-Nazi homeworld! 6TH DENSITY DEAAAAAATH!!!!

        (*purple = color of Reptoid blood)

      • Obadiah says:

        ^I shouldn’t poke fun like that. I suppose it’s not very constructive, and indeed useless for doing anything other than giving myself a cheap laugh.

        But: come on, man. You’re fucking Koanic, the incorruptible modern Christian genius. You’re a man of God and you’re better than this. You know and God knows that you are better than this. You know and God knows that the moon was not built by “ant people”. That is all.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      You’re going to Hell by now, you know. I recommend having a rock bottom moment.

    • Mr. T. says:

      “The Bible is mostly wrong. Jesus himself corrects the record via medium James Padgett.”

      I think you should double and triple rethink this. Jesus Christ came in the flesh and inspired the Bible over thousands of years and countless churches and believers, but now uses some random medium. Right.

      Please rethink this. There are many ways to get lost and I hope you’ll get things in proper order again. The Bible should basically be trusted more than any other source in spiritual questions.

  5. Mr. T. says:

    “Life is a lifelong competition, to the death, and the competition doesn’t go away when you ignore it any more than pretending to be race-blind makes race go away.”

    I think it’s good to remember that, but you could say there are different competitions. A spiritual “competition” is a different one from a materialistic/society’s hierarchical status/money competition, for example.

    I once read a Elaine Aron’s book “The Undervalued Self” which divided this info ranking and linking.

    “The other approach is “Love.” Love of centered around “connecting” and “cooperating,” and is also referred to as “linking.” What Elaine discovered in her research is that there is actually a huge correlation between the “linking” strategy and being a Highly Sensitive Person.”

    Both strategies are part of being human, but “social darwinism” is a bit too much. “All you need is love” might not always work perfectly, but it shouldn’t be forgotten.

  6. Texas+Arcane says:

    Got to come out of lurk mode for this one.

    Easily the best post you have ever written.

    You’re spot-on when you say the common man is a degenerate, twisted, rotten loser who needs Jesus a lot more than Jesus needs him. You could write a book with a thousand pages and every page with 100 things about Cro-Magnons that are just wrong.

    Here’s the truth. The Neanderthals are resoundingly better and they have countless clear virtues absent in everyone else. They’re also still filthy rags before God and need repentance and salvation as much as all those degenerate chimpanzees do. In fact, since their surfeit of virtues only paints an even clearer picture of man as a fallen creature, utterly incapable of being worthy of God’s attention, they may need Jesus even more.

    I often notice when reading Hans original essay that every single comparison could be applied just as appropriately between men and gorillas. Men tend to be more intellectual and abstract than gorillas. They rely on instinct less than gorillas. They have less need to conform than do gorillas and often prefer to be original and independent of others, unlike gorillas. They are clumsier than gorillas and often more thoughtful in their movements than are gorillas.

    All the traits described in the original essay are those of shamans and this is duly noted. In primitive tribes these remarkable traits are regarded as advantages, not disabilities. Shamans can guess when volcanos are going to erupt and seasons will shift but gorillas can only look up and then die in terms of long-time reference and induction. A whole tribe of Shamans with shamanistic traits might seem out of place in the fairy-floss candy-ass warmth of the Holocene but it would be a different story entirely at 300 degrees below zero in a Grand Minimum … the likes of which it appears the Neanderthals survived when all others died not just once but maybe several times.

    Imagine a lite brand Neanderthal knockoff shaved down until it is barely more than a life support system for a pair of testicles with a piehole mounted in front to insert food into and then imagine these weak creatures making fun of the original model while they lie up in the heat and splendor of the brief Holocene. Like grasshoppers bagging on ants in the middle of summer. “Nerds! As if you’d need to store food in a climate like this!”

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