Interesting thingy I did

I was taking a hot shower, because for some reason that’s the only setting this shower was designed to use, being that the designer was a poop head whose head was full of poop (at the time, at least).

Without really thinking about it, I started disassembling one of my legs in my mind. I pulled it off from the knee down as if it were leprous, and started taking parts out as if I were some kinda cyborg. It was a little disconcerting. I did the same with the other leg.

Back when Aeoli was a lot less crazy, he would have stopped this immediately and pledged to sleep better. Instead, I let this little fantasy keep rolling, figuring it meant something. I realized that interpreting crazy dream fantasies about weird stuff happening to my body is probably a great way to figure out stuff my body is trying to tell my retardo-brain.

I took it a little farther, after noticing that my knee was pretty sore and twitching. So I took control of the directionless daydream like a lucid dream, took apart the knee, and held the aggravated part out in front of me. Probably this is the quadriceps extensor? It’s the soft bit of the knee just below the patellar bone (below, not anterior to). Gray’s Anatomy is kinda abstruse when used as a reference. Anyway, I massaged it with imaginary inviso-fingers, then reassembled the knee.

The twitching and soreness have subsided, at least for now.

This worked a lot better than my existing methods of relaxing muscles, and I wonder if there isn’t a wealth of neuromuscular control techniques like this stored away in my genetic memory, waiting to be discovered. This is my first indication that Tex was right about this as well.

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30 Responses to Interesting thingy I did

  1. Edenist whackjob says:

    You should read up on Illuminatus’ latest ideas on fascial unwinding.

  2. lflick says:

    I sometimes imagine skinning and gutting my own carcass as if I were a sheep. Mostly when very sleep-deprived? I’m not sure whether it makes me less sleepy.

  3. Edenist whackjob says:

    Had an insight about the Thal mindset.

    Thal: “Hot Western Girls don’t like me. They are Winners. I am a Loser”.

    Internally, what this is doing is setting up some kind of “equation” with the least amount of “datatypes” that can be formalized from reality. The drive to set the equation comes from the back, and the minimalist-drive comes from the front. Here the datatypes are:

    -Hot Western* Girls (as if you could bunch millions of hominids into one category like that)
    -Self (as if it was a thing you could grab ahold of)
    -Social/sexual/evolutionary rank (as if it could be by quantified, much less modelled visually)

    * This seems to matter in the datatype-formation. For me, Hot Eastern European Girls are a different datatype.

    If Eden-pilled, will probably also see the species of the chicks as a datatype, and notice that the shape/essence doesn’t gel with his own. Or, rather, he will always do this, but Edenism provides the framework to sort things into “melons”, “croms”, etc, rather than just “nerds”, “freaks”, “popular kids”, etc.

    These datatypes are more than just categories. They are like multidimensional shapes or “essences”. The Thal sees some kind of visual equation where things instantly make sense.

    I can see why a Thal aspie like RSD Tyler would dedicate his life to pick-up. He’s uncovering a new equation that finally rids him of Loserdom. One thing, for instance, that he often mentions is that the acolyte must accept that Women Like Sex. You can tell that this slots into his equation somewhere. It’s more than just the reality-pragmatism that a melon would do (although he probably discovered it through emulation of melon mindfulness). It’s a logical piece of the puzzle that unlocks a better level.

    You can also tell that Tyler has uncovered the brain-boosting effects of getting laid aka experiencing a higher SMV rank (see: that Brain+Lane video). He probably has a different “equation” describing how validation from The Girls unlocks the right to go and look at bigger forms and fix bigger problems (see: more and more videos in recent years about business, learning and life improvement). He sees that being hung up on female validation is today’s great existentialist riddle for a lot of guys who we would probably classify as “Thals” or “aspies”.

    Now, how would a melon approach the same situation?

    Melon: “I don’t seem to be noticed much by chicks I want lately. Hmmm, what can I change about my tactics to ensure better outcomes? Boy, I sure am glad there are so many chicks out there so I can keep fishing.”

    Here, we see a more narrative-based internal representation. There is no such as a Hot Girl. Success hinges on your application of logical precepts. It’s all a game.

    For fun, the other types:

    MT: “I am on a mission from Heaven. I must build my harem so that I may soothe my fire and prove my worthiness. Now, where’s that copy of Mystery Method?”

    The MT has the whacko-scientist deepsock willingness to try something like Mystery Method, but not the T-back “life is an equation” engine to put a damper on motivation. You might say that info about how to get girls is pleasing to him, but that he doesn’t need to construct a worldview around it. After all, there is a mission to do.

    TM: “We can model socio-sexual success as $insert_gazillion_parameters. By the way, what did $insert_pop_culture_book have to say about the whole matter? It’s all so vague… Hmmm, I need to write down 33 ways that you can probably get laid.”

    The TM has the equation-making drive of the TT, and sees the multidimensional essences of things, but lacks stringency. His “equation” is cluttered with lots and lots of datatypes with little separation of concerns, and lots of leaky abstraction.

    CC (r-selected alpha): “Hey bro!!! I totally got wasted and fucked Susie last night.”

    No modelling, no real drive. Just recounting of concrete events, with motivation provided by self-annihilation in the form of strong drink. Has high rank so rules of society don’t apply to him.

    CC (beta): “I’m just a normal guy. Women are princesses. Treat women with respect! *has a flash of violent sexual imagery*”

    Basically the same as the alpha, but has glued some surface-level slogans onto his cognitive process to match his rank in “high school”. No real modelling, drive for annihilation present but not expressed due to rule-engine which says it’s not appropriate. Likely to go very dark under influence of alcohol and/or in absence of social judgement.

    • Edenist whackjob says:

      Sometimes, I think we are just making up Edenism and the only real datatypes that matter are:

      -Verbal or visual cognitive style
      -Aspie vs neurotypically smart

      So far, the only bit of Edenism that I would bet money on is the bit about Thal physiognomy.

      Melons and croms? Not convinced. But they sure do make for spazzy writing.

    • Alex says:

      What if rather than over-intellectualizing their fear of getting wasted and fucking Susie, they’re actually afraid of the emptiness of being able to fuck Susie without any intellectualizing at all? Neanderthals need their Sophia, a woman who loves endless thoughtfulness. Susie is a scary fucking abyss.

  4. Edenist whackjob says:

    Insight: big cities repel Thals. You need a certain level of reaction speed, sensory processing, and tolerance for this-does-not-compute to thrive in a big city. You also need to have a certain emotional toughness to make you not long for organic fractal beauty (forests, small villages, hobbit holes) as well as an orientation toward getting your survival needs met by people to make the hive of a big city into a perceived asset rather than just a big stressor.

    For an arch-Thal, cities trigger the lovecraftian fear of the unknown. It’s almost like they are designed to induce vertigo and existential revulsion.

    We might surmise, then, that country-dwellers are more sane than city folk. But, the country side also filters for those who lack the cognitive resources to thrive in a big city at all.

    It’s not like Thals WON’T ever move to a city, it’s just that country live is an option in their minds which they weigh into their equation. Melons and croms see country life as geting left behind, or a place to take a vacation maybe.

    These kind of subtle mental phenonema probably have large effects. Maybe I am imagining things, but I have noticed that American Anglos do seem to be a bit more deepsock than their British cousins. Hmmm…

    • Edenist whackjob says:

      I really need to learn how to spell.

    • Heaviside says:

      You can’t have a Schloß in the city.

      • Edenist whackjob says:

        I would like to read more of your writing. Maybe lift it from the secret confines of the inner NH and post it somewhere?

        As it is right now, I can’t really tell if you are merely good at producing clever one-liners or if there is a bigger truth behind your words which I have yet to grasp. If there is, I’d like to try and grasp it!

  5. An Obese Aboriginal says:

    I used to screw around with my brain too.
    An interesting thing that I did was that I once tried to meditate, and “feel” the same as I would had I been about to sleep, while remaining aware and not rejecting my toughts, but still trying to detach from the body.
    After a while, some random white stains appeared in my vision. I figured out I may use this as a way to talk to my subconscious, and told it (If i indeed talked to my subconscious) to do certain things depending on if the answer is “Yes”, or “No”.
    It did give me answers and it would reply instantly after I finished talking. I don’t remember all the answers and questions, but I remember that I then made an affirmation, and it replied with a tingling sensation all over the back of my skull and my occipital lobe.

    Another time when I screwed around with my brain was when I “opened my third eye”.
    I don’t recommed you to do this. Shit caused me a hell lot of problems.
    I basically focused on my forehead while meditating, and ended up with an intense, constant, heavy sensation at that place, visual and auditory hallucinations, and problems with sleep, sleep paralysis, being half conscious while sleeping, out of body experience.
    I still remember a time when I was half-conscious during sleep. It’s funny, because I was in fact really, really thinking hard, and I had the sensation that I have whenever i’m right about to find the solution to a hard problem… except that all I was doing was basically commenting what happened today while hallucinating. I felt like there was pulsating ball inside of my forehead. It was likely my pineal gland, and the visual hallucinations look like the ones people who do DMT talk about, so I believe that it is likely that I caused my pineal gland to produce DMT, and because of the fact that I also had problems with sleep, that the pineal gland is very involved in sleep.
    My pineal gland wasn’t the only part of my brain affected. I had also strong, strong intuition about everything. I didn’t even have to think at all. Hhhh I could install arch linux without wasting time using this super power. The only part of the brain that is at the spot of the third eye, and also involved in intuition is the Orbitofrontal cortex.
    So i think that I basically somehow changed the functionning of my orbitofrontal cortex, pineal gland, and medial prefrontal cortex (Which is possibly also involved in deep sleep)
    ALSO, if you focus on your third eye while having your eyes closed, they will start moving randomly and by themselves, and you will hallucinate really intesely. Exactly like in REM sleep.
    Hallucinations and problems with sleep and intuition weren’t the only things that it did however. I would also look at numbers, and tell myself “Hey, i’ve seen this number somewhere else this morning!”
    I think that it is something related to awareness of the environment, and that I was “saving” too much information. Shit was really, really frequent, and scary too.

    I am “monkie” on the neanderhall, this is the shit that caused me lot’s ‘o’ anxiety that I talked about. After while I ended up derealized, depersonnalized, and right-brained.. hhhhhh
    To “close” the third eye, you need to meditate, achieve a deep state, and imagine the third eye as a purple flower, and as you breathe in, close it, breathe out through your mouth, so it doesn’t close, and do it well. If you ever happen to have the same problem.

    Well, my interest in the occult is gone;
    Joke. I think I know how you can acquire full control over the third eye. It is likely something related to the “chi”.
    I can now hallucinate at will. Good if I ever end up in prison, I can get some spooky ghosts to pay me a visit.

    • An Obese Aboriginal says:

      The affirmation was “You will help me, the conscious, achieve anything I want to do”
      I think that, if they do actually work and are effective, prayers are related to the subconscious.
      I had the same tingling sensations on my spine and back of my skull when I prayed when I was temporarily right-brained and christian.

      Or what i say is retarded.

      • Edenist whackjob says:

        “I had the same tingling sensations on my spine and back of my skull when I prayed when I was temporarily right-brained and christian.”

        I’ve had the same experience half a dozen times.

    • An Obese Aboriginal says:

      >I felt like there was a pulsating ball
      Shit I am bad with words.
      I meant that I felt it along with the sensation of pressure on my forehead. Constantly.

    • Alex says:

      “After a while, some random white stains appeared in my vision … tingling sensation all over the back of my skull and my occipital lobe”

      Sounds like Visual Snow. The cause is unknown but it has been associated with hyper metabolism in the lingual gyrus. I guessed that it must be a neurodegenerative brain inflammation disease caused by leaky gut. Are you convinced there is a mystical explanation?

      • An Algerian Terrorist says:

        I don’t blieve there is a mystical explaination or that what occult writings say is “directly” true
        I don’t know what were those white stains. They appeared after a while when I was 100% relaxed and detached from my body.

      • A horny turk says:

        It wasn’t like visual snow. It was more like big, very visible moving hallucinations, and they appeared only after I was in a deep state

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I just figured who you remind me of: LIzardking. He’s not around anymore, and he didn’t belong to any of the edenic types that we could determine, but he had the requisite IQ and socialized just fine with the TTs and everybody else too. Maybe TC, but that didn’t feel right either.

      He wasn’t really ever mean but I get the feeling he was capable of being really nasty if he felt like it.

    • A horny turk says:

      >so it doesn’t close,
      so it doesn’t re-open

  6. Edenist whackjob says:

    Something I am trying to grok currently: the OODA loop.

    Done any reading on that topic?

  7. Aeoli Pera says:

    >Did this once while meditating. Scratched an itch on my back with a phantom limb, and fried that chip in my abdomen.

    The former, sure, but the latter seems to be outside the scope of the method. Are you positive you aren’t just a crazy person?

    >Hyperplasia is alive and well in hybrids my friend :-).

    Yeah, it seems to be. Generally, I am about 50% stronger than guys who are about the same size, and this attracts comment at the gym when I have been attending consistently enough to be pushing respectable weight (by which I only mean like a 265 bench press). Also, there’s this (H/T slampropp):

    Watch Robert.

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