Re: Daily Shoah 695 on Qtards

See the first hour here.

Summarizing, they’re calling out people for continuing to lie to themselves when they should know better, as the fact of Biden’s inauguration becomes increasingly obvious. This is a failure to empathize with the normie segment.

Most Q people are just normies, not particularly bright, who got sucked into an extremely dopaminergic information diet. For them, it’s about consuming their favorite X22 report and Amazing Polly entertainment content habitually. These are people with the memory spans of goldfish and they only believe this Q shit because it was reinforced recently. If they went without social media for 24 hours, it would be out of sight, out of mind until the dopamine demons kick in and start reminding them to seek the next fix. “Remember how exciting the Hillary declassification episode was?”

These people don’t need to be told not to lie when the schizo bubble pops. Normies have feminine brains and truth isn’t a feminine value. Schizos don’t do reality testing. They need to be told they it’s unhealthy. They need to be encouraged to clean up their information diet. Their news shows are producing useless anxiety and it’s not helping. Their favorite internet people are bad influences. Ultimately, the goal is to get them off the addiction to the infotainment sources which continually reinforce the plan trusting, because that’s the source of the problem. In the feminine brain, the behavior produces the belief, not the other way around. (All brains exist on a spectrum from feminine to masculine, so really it’s everybody in varying strengths of behavior causing belief and vice versa.)

It’s like how you can cure “insomnia” literally every time by taking the patient somewhere without electricity for two days. Then on day 3, when their circadian rhythm is perfect and they’re feeling amazing from the sleep, remind them that they need to form new, healthier habits or they’re just going to end up feeling horrible from “insomnia” again. So imagine doing the same thing, except instead when Q people hit these rock bottom lows you’re encouraging them to audit their news sources for the ones that said Trump would 100% definitely win, or just abstain from news altogether. You’ll have to do this dozens of times for the idea to stick and it won’t pay off for years, but once it pays off you’ll have an ally and there’s no treasure on earth better than building a tribe. Only treasure in heaven is better than that, and you usually have to do that by investing in people too. (Really the big difference is when you expect the investment to pay off, in this life or the next.)

(The grifters are another matter, and although I don’t write them off categorically they are far more likely to be unsalvageable. They’ve invested themselves in Q, whereas normies never invest in anything but feelz, so they’d have to write off the sunk cost and most of the highly invested won’t have the testicular fortitude to write off 3 years of lies and their Q merch backstock at the same time. See Devon Stack’s insomnia stream on evaluating the cost and benefit of doing surgery on rotting plants. If someone can find that segment, please link it in a comment, I just spent 30 minutes looking and not finding and I should have started my day an hour ago.)

tl;dr- Encourage black-pilling Q normies to find good influencers and cut off bad influencers. Did they tell you to go to the Capitol? Bad influence. Did they tell you Trump would nuke Biden’s inauguration? Bad influence. Bad influence make you feel bad, choose good feel!

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3 Responses to Re: Daily Shoah 695 on Qtards

  1. Aeoli Pera says:


    AntiDem has summed things up better than I could:

    “Something very bad has occurred, and many people are responding to it with denial and self-deception. These people are mostly neither stupid nor cowardly, and getting angry with them will accomplish nothing. But likewise it is doing them no favors to stand by silently and to not do everything one can to snap them back into reality so that they can rationally process the dangers we’re facing and develop an appropriate response to them…

    “This is all real. As hard as it is to believe that what we’ve seen in the past couple of months is actually happening to us, it is. The left has just stolen both the presidential election, and the election that decided control of the Senate. Having done so, they have flooded the nation’s capital with tens of thousands of occupying soldiers, who they have screened for political loyalty. On the 20th, Biden will assume power, and nobody is going to stop it. Trump is finished; he has effectively been out of power since January 6th, and on the 20th, he will be flown back to Mar-a-lago for a quiet retirement. Qanon was fake; there is not and never has been any plan to trust, and ‘The Storm’ isn’t coming. The military isn’t going to overthrow Biden and reinstall Trump; their leadership are completely on-board with everything that has happened. The American Republic is dead; having gotten away with fixing two national elections, the Deep State will assume the permanent role of kingmaker. There will be no more free, fair elections at the federal level. For appearances’ sake, a nonthreatening Republican of the RINO variety – a Nikki Haley or Marco Rubio – may be allowed to hold the presidency again at some point, but they will never permit another real reformer like Trump anywhere near power. All the holes in the system that allowed his rise have been patched. He’s not getting elected again in 2024, and nobody like him is getting elected then, or ever again.”

  2. poiu says:

    >In the feminine brain, the behavior produces the belief, not the other way around. (All brains exist on a spectrum from feminine to masculine, so really it’s everybody in varying strengths of behavior causing belief and vice versa.)

    Have you ever read Otto Weininger?

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